I am not selfish

I am not selfish
No I am not.
Have you ever being lanced
And left to bleed
From a wound so deep
And gaping?


I am not selfish
I just don’t like pain.
I will not smile
When all I want to do is
Curl up and cry
Myself to oblivion.


I am not selfish
Please do not think
Me so.
I want you, it has
Become a physical ache-
A constant tormentor.

I am not selfish
I am a better person.
But I don’t know how to
Let go
Of you
If I could, I would.

selfish (2)
don’t know how to let go…

I am not selfish
I try not to be.
But the thought of you
With another
Loving another
Drives me mad.


I am not selfish
I want you happy.
Only I want it to be
With me.
I want to be the one
You have eyes only for.


I am not selfish
I am letting you go.
Why then do I still linger
Hovering around?
If you will run back
Into my arms perhaps?


I am not selfish
Only it is not easy.
Maybe someday, I will
Let go of your hands
And let you roam free
And find happiness with another.


10 thoughts on “I am not selfish

  1. Awww! Coolness! I’m teary-eyed right now. Biko, by all means be selfish jare. There are times when being selfish rocks pieces. Often times, we oughta be selfish, looking out for ourselves because by so doing, we’d be in the best state of mind and body to take care of our loved ones, when we’re in a perfect state of health mind, body and soul. Besides, the divine commandment is to love our neighbours as ourselves not more than. So I’m soooo in support of selfishness in this instance.

    All the verses carry such deeply touching and moving messages. Doc, you’re REALLY GOOD. Don’t ever doubt that for even a millisec, and don’t you allow for any clueless person tell you otherwise, PLEASE. Just take it from me, I KNOW! Plus, you’re the Man and you Rock Pieces! *winks* LOL!


    1. * smiling *
      You certainly know how to make a guy feel good. Thanks for this.

      Yes it is good to be selfish but then as per good guy you would respect the decisions of the other party…


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