Leave me alone!

leave me alone!
leave me alone!

Leave me alone!
Let me mourn my loss,
After all, the fly would
Not follow the corpse to
The grave
Unless it is on a suicide

leave me alone

You have done enough,
The procession is over;
Your services are not needed
You can wipe the tears off now
We both know
They were not real.

Leave me alone1

Stop the theatrics,
Pounce on the meat
And wine;
Your eyes have not left them
Since you entered the room
And your throat
Has not ceased bobbing.

leave me alone2

Let me cry in peace
And properly immortalize
My lover,
Who you eulogize
With empty, hollow
Words that mean
Nothing to you.

leave me alone6


all images courtesy www.google.com


7 thoughts on “Leave me alone!

  1. I know I should be empathetic towards the plight of the bereaved, but strangely, I find this piece very hilarious. Is that weird though? The sarcasm’s literally leaping off of this page. Folks have varying ways of mourning losses, to every man his own.

    The bereaved is so devastated that she’s practically convinced herself the going-ons around her, is all a facade. A charade possibly being played out by family, loved ones and friends, who may be sincere and are actually willing to stick close by her, in her time of grief. And now, more than all else, these are the very people causing her grief and not the one who passed on untimely. Talk ’bout transfer of aggression. The irony of life, this is! *sighs deeply*

    Lovely piece, Doc. This really resonates with me on some levels and I can relate. You did terrifically well. Still anticipating my happy piece o. Kudos!


    1. your happy piece will come…
      you think she is transferring aggression? what if she really was seeing through them? the people that probably did not show more care when the deceased was alive who now act like he was the best thing that happened to them?


      1. Well, that’s a possibility also but could ALL of them be fronting though? How’s it possible that there’s not a single real person with some compassion towards her? Think ’bout it!


        1. maybe the supposed close people that stay behind are the traitors and who are required to stay to console but rather are choking her…’a man’s enemies shall be they of his household’


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