It is dark,

In the middle of the day,

The sun is overtaken by the

Sad cloud

That shed tears

In racking spasms

And bawls on the shoulder

On the earth

As it soaks up the anguish

And sways and rocks

A steady rhythm.

weeping in the rain
weeping in the rain




10 thoughts on “Grief

    1. Awww! These are such touching words Walter. If only Heaven’s tears, rainfall; could indeed wash away the Earth’s woes, the world would be a very pure and beautiful place to dwell in, from the cleansing effects of the rain, and then there may be no need for a Heaven now, would there? If only……


        1. Yeah, of course you’d be the only ‘righteous’ man left especially seeing as your middle name’s Noah, abi no be so? *yimu*


  1. Hmmm, grief’s so well captured in this sombre piece, by tears overflowing. I’m however not sure ’bout the part, that it soaks up anguish. Does it really?

    You do great always with your sombre and sad pieces. Should I urge you on to keep ’em coming then? At this point, I’m totally lost for words Doc; there’s simply no stopping you in your quest for writing these solemn masterpieces. Plenty thumbs up! *shaking ma head*


      1. Sure, there are a whole lotta things to grieve ’bout, but should we give in easily to ’em without putting up a fight? Do we become defeated by ’em or strive really hard to make better our situations? Which brings to my remembrance that beautifully inspiring line ‘when life throws you a lemon; snatch it up and make a chilled glass cup of fresh, sweet lemonade’.


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