My throat bobs

With eyes staring fixedly

At the fleshy succulence

Normal has become tempting


Now desirable

A mere whisper,

From the serpentine stranger

And things are no longer

What they seem to be

Doubts are cast

On firmly held beliefs

And a losing battle

Is fought against

The invading darkness

Trembling hands reach forth

To hold the fruit

A moment of hesitation

And then it’s done

“Oh hell” I mutter

And take the plunge.


16 thoughts on “Forbidden

  1. Pleasant.
    Inviting…… You forgot to add,
    Sweet, sweet, dangerous and deadly temptation! Oh, how that musta been for Adam! See where ‘taking the plunge’ has landed humanity! Please don’t do it! LMAO!

    I love the part, ‘doubts are cast on firmly held beliefs and a losing battle’s fought against the invading darkness’. Those are very deep words, Doc; and soooo relate-able too. In thy Mighty Hands we be, oh Lord! *sighs* Lol!

    Topazo, the Great Poet; you have a way with words and your poems are just banging! Wa gbayi jo! LOL!


    1. the prayer ‘and lead us not into temptation’ is apt…because if we are led into it….so much destruction will happen…

      and it’s eve not adam…na eve cause all this wahala we dey face for this world especially in naija…

      thanks…for always dropping a comment…you rock pieces!


      1. Are you shitting me? Leave Eve outta this biko. If Adam had his thinking faculties ’bout him, and objected to collecting the forbidden fruit from his wifey; perhaps God woulda found another way around this whole mess. Adam’s just as guilty as Eve, if not more paapaa! So quit with the blame game! What’s done’s done, put a suck in it, already! Plus inspite of this raging war brewing between us, which I can perceive for miles, you rock much! I’m sure you know that already. LMAO!


        1. it’s like you missed a few lectures by paul. he said ”for the man was not in the error but the woman…”
          unless you want to say paul was a blithering idiot and unlearned fellow?


          1. *laughing soooo hard*. Doc, ‘For this cause shall a Man leave his Father and his Mother and cleave unto his wife, (plus LISTEN and PAY HEED to this part, this is where it gets really INTERESTING), the two shall become ONE. As far as I’m concerned, Adam and Eve are one and the same. Both share the blame equally. Afterall, Eve’s just a minute part of Adam, his rib; the bone of his bones, and the flesh of his flesh. So therefore, Adam = Eve, Eve= Adam. Forward reaction is equal and the same with the backward reaction. QED! Lobatan! LOL!


            1. it is that ‘oneness’ that made Adam- the genius that named all animals without breaking a sweat- not question his wife’s intention when she offered him the fruit…the curse of the rib I call it.

              how can we expect a small part as a rib to be smart enough to reject the old cunning serpent and also to not be devilish enough to offer Adam rather than warn him…


          2. All that one na yans! Adam wan choplate fruit, eve gi am and hin chop am. Na wetin consine fowl with chewing stick? Biko, lay off of Eve, ise t’ori ran, ni o mu se yen, lobatan! Abegiii, forget tory! *yimu*. ROTFLMAO!


  2. great piece of poem… but can’t help but wonder…. what it is you find so tempting… feel like share a secret?


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