He Said….She Said

he said she said2

You take a piece of me
With every goodbye,
And each time your back is turned
A part of me dies.
Your touch lingers on my skin,
My heart squeezes and hurts;
Don’t look back,
My eyes are shimmering with
Unshed tears;
Walk on, lest the dam overflow.

he said she said

My legs move,
But my heart stays;
It has a found a place and
It is with you.
My body another possess,
But my heart is ravished by you-
Just you.

he said she said 1

Put me out of my misery,
I am stuck
In the middle of nowhere;
Your love
The only thing sure-
The only thing
That will ruin me.

he said she said3

My heart is at war
With my head,
My mind is a mess;
I love you,
More than you will
Ever know.
I can’t show it,
But if you look closely,
You will see it;
The depths will drown you,
I should know,
Cos I see it mirrored I your eyes.

Oh my love,
The one that has my heart;
Oh the pain!
The anguish I suffer
From being away;
Every second without you
Is a torment indescribable;
Oh the Fates!
Such cruel disposition
That flung us far apart along
Different paths.

midnight dream

Such a love as this
Should be celebrated,
Shouted from the rooftops;
Not imprisoned,
Or forbidden;
And definitely not
Confined to
Stolen moments
Hastily devoured,
Punctuated often by
Prying eyes.


6 thoughts on “He Said….She Said

  1. You were actually writing from the heart here. Sharing personal emotions whose nakedness you had found words to cover. So, these words, yours, appear simple, unadorned, but the voluptuous truth beneath bulges out still, and we are drawn to it. It, the part of you shed in every word on the slab.

    Beautiful execution.

    As an aside, a writer must be true, and write only from the heart. Every other type of writing is a lie. Actors can lie, but a writer cannot. Funny, I was just wrestling with the sense of vulnerability which this gift commands. In reality, there is are no good or bad writers; only true writers and pretenders. Those we call ‘good’ are in fact those who have found ways of conveying the truth they carry in its purest forms to our minds, without spilling too much in the process.

    You are true. And with time, I believe you will find the words that best convey your truth to us.

    Thanks you -for this ‘piece’ of you.


    1. My oga, thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment.
      You are right, writers that connect more write from their hearts…it’s something I am trying to develop…


  2. Awesomeness! Sad, blue, sombre and deeply, pathetically touching; yet again as always; no surprises there. *rolling ma eyes*. Doc, must you do ‘this’ always? C’mon mehn, I want a happy piece, just one happy piece! Is that too much to ask? *straight face*

    You just do these types of pieces so well and that’s quite worrisome, I tell ya. However, there’s no denying the sheer brilliance of your pieces, be them happy dappy or overwhelmingly heartbreaking, and I’m in awe of your beautiful, creative mind. Kudos Doc, this is a wow piece and I love those illustrations, as well as
    the amazing quotes some of ’em carry. Keep bringing it, you still have so much to give, says a superfan. *winks* . LOL!


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