Like a bird loosened

But unsure;

Bound for so long

With the legs stiff.



Wings long unused

Warming up

Readying for

The flight



Just a little high up

Test the balance

Of the wings

Against the currents


Take off

Into the wild

Glide on the winds

Savour the warm breeze

Explore the world



Declare your freedom

Shout it for all to hear

Sing it, or yet croak

Let the message be clear

‘’I am free!’’


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Yemie says:

    An inspiring piece! You sure know how to churn ’em out. Hop, Flap, Jump, Take Off and Caw, sure steps, I must say; to liberty for one who’s been held bound and captive for far too long; just like a caged bird with limitless potentials and possibilities to do great exploits.

    Wow Doc, I’m mighty impressed by your ingenuity, that its almost unbelievable! Reconciling the brilliant Poet with the pesky, sometimes crude and mischievous person that you most times become, is mind boggling! In all, this is one brilliantly delightful masterpiece that’s sure to inspire and lift up one’s broken spirit and morale, a great motivator. You go, Doc; you did great! LOL!

    1. topazo says:

      Wow!thanks for such high praise. I am always awed by your comments….

  2. seunodukoya says:


    Nice one, Topaz. Nice one.

  3. @eloxie says:

    I am free!!!
    Hop, Flap, Take Off, Caw…whatever you do, just move/ do something.
    Recognise the freedom and enjoy it.
    Nice one dear.

  4. Love the part about legs being stiff – everyone can relate to that feeling of things being hard after they haven’t been used/practiced in awhile. Nice.

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