Guilty Pleasures 2

‘’I am in love with you’’ I whisper over and over as I cover her body with kisses. She cradles my head to her bosom and hold me tight.

‘’my love’’ she says on a sigh, her voice a mixture of longing and awe. I look into her eyes and see pure, unadulterated love and I am enthralled.

My heart swells and I feel a smile tug at the corners of my mouth and laughter bubbling inside of me. She frowns and she has never looked more breathtaking. I lean forward and claim her mouth, reveling in its sweetness.

I allow myself to get lost in the moment, not debating the rightness or wrongness of it.

At that moment I allow myself only the luxury of feeling and not thinking and my senses are bursting at the seams with waves after waves of delightsome sensations.

This cannot be wrong, I think to myself. If this is wrong then let me be damned to hell, another thought follow closely on the heel of the first.


6 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures 2

  1. Hmmm. Nawaya o! Guilty pleasures! A classical case of ‘the flesh being willing but the spirit being oh soooo weak. Typical! The way that seemeth right and pleasurable to man, leads only to destruction but it takes grace and plenty willpower plus discipline to subdue the feeling of ‘sweet surrender’ that a temptation such as this presents.

    When one considers the many lives that stands to be destroyed by this type of ‘delicious’ indiscretion. After all’s done, the moment’s long gone past and reality hits HARD, then one begins to ask if it was well worth it in the first place. May God help us all.

    Doc, I love the way you laid this all out. A very short, deep and loaded piece. Gets one thinking on one’s feet. Well done! You rock pieces! LOL!


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