Killing me softly

killing me softly

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Killing me softly

With your smiles

Lighting up your face

Like Apollo in all his glory

Warming my cold heart.


Killing me softly

With your feather light kisses

Trailing a path on

My fever hot skin

Making me moan with pleasure


Killing me softly

With your eyes

The depth of emotions

Behind them

Making me heady and giddy


Killing me softly

With your gaze

Lingering lovingly

Adoringly on my face and body

Sending my heart to a frenzied rhythm.


Killing me softly

With your touch

And soft caresses

Melting my insides

Turning me to much


Killing me softly

A slow, painful death

Yearning for your love

And watching you

As you walk away.



26 thoughts on “Killing me softly

  1. I adore this poem, really smooth sailing and enthralling but for a lil ‘snafu’. It’d have been super ‘purrfect’ if that final verse was not added. Haba Doc, love’s in the air; we don’t need to start feeling blue this season at all. So lose the final verse already! Other than that, Wowzer! Lol!


      1. Se e n gboro buruku l’enu eiye? Prophet of doom! Where’s your optimism or are you presently going through same to know for a fact? Do share, Doc Scrooge! *straight face*


          1. And when will you learn that the reality of life does not always have to be sad and gloomy? A lot of folks are still balling inspite of the many miseries you’ve conditioned your senses to see. Topazo, soji ara e, you gat only one life to live.


            1. yes, and that one life should be lived with the knowledge of the full realities of life, what to expect and how to deal with whatever comes around and to thrive despite adversity


                    1. Wow Doc, you know; I never thought I’d see this day. I do agree with you, in all totality. You’re ‘uniquely and awesomely gloomy’. That’s just so ‘solemnly pathetic’! Touche! Lol!


                    2. C’mon Doc, sebi you be the don dada for imaginative matters? Biko, put your imagination to good use cos you’re coming across to me as senile right now. Suffice it to say, figure it out by yourself, lobatan! LMAO!


                    3. Oh please, don’t hold back on my account Sir. Let your imaginations run wild and amok, set ’em free, let ’em loose. Let matters get outta hand. ‘Tis alright by me. I’m not fussy at all and neither I’m I complaining. Whatever works for you. Psst!


        1. *sigh
          Okay, let me break it down to you…
          Yes, my mind has run amok. I wonder what your motivation for wanting matters to get out of hand is.
          You should be fussy cos the outcome will definitely rattle you.
          Understand now?
          And please do take your regular dose of “panasharp” before leaving home….hehehehehe


          1. Huh? What was that you just said? I’m still absolutely clueless. Can’t make you out. I know your lips are moving but all I hear is gibberish. Its confirmed then, you need looking after, like right now. Like very urgently, before things get outta hand finally. LMAO! ‘Panasharp’ ko, ‘Panadull’ ni! You need it more than I do, trust me. Temi yemi! *straight face*


            1. Scrap the panasharp thingy…what you need now is ogun isoye….

              I didn’t know the day will come so soon, when your age will finally catch up with you, ancient one…


              1. Ancient one? Stale news! C’mon Doc, get more innovative. You can do more than that, dig deeper, its in there somewhere. Ogun Isoye nikan ko, o so ara e di ‘oko oloyun’ abi ikan ninu awon dokita ibile ti o kun igboro, abi? *yimu*.


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