Directions to Heaven

If any asks for the way to the Kingdom, tell them that the way is inwards
If any asks to see the Father, show them the way to their hearts
If any asks for the road to salvation, point to their soul and say ‘here it is’
Because the ‘Kingdom of God is within you’,
It is that place where the Father has set apart to place His throne,
From where He rules, and it is right inside of you
The ‘Father and I will come and make our abode with him’,
So that in your heart you can commune with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit-
The Triune God, what a privilege!
For ‘with the heart man believes to righteousness and with the mouth confession is made to salvation’,
Therefore the day of salvation is dependent on when you believe and are ready to confess that Jesus is Lord.
Heaven is in your soul, a prayer away, a decision away
It is not in the skies, unattainable
It is not in the depths, unreachable
It is not in man, unreliable
Neither in your works, untenable
It is in acknowledging your works, unpardonable
And accepting your fate, undoubtedly
And accepting His mercy, undeserving
And embracing his grace, unmerited
Receiving His Spirit, immeasurably
And walking in His ways, undeterred
Then at the end of it all,
Lies the gates of Heaven.



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31 thoughts on “Directions to Heaven

  1. This is ethereal, deep and inspirational, Doc. A spectacular piece. The Holy Trinity seeks to dwell in our hearts and if we allow for that to happen, then we really aren’t far off from Heaven because it’s in us. So we can actually have a taste of Heaven here on Earth by just yielding and surrendering ourselves completely to God. Wow! This makes a lotta sense, how you came ’bout this piece is beyond me. Awesomeness!


              1. Well, a popular American Preacher taught in one of his messages that once we’re born again and in constant walk with God, our human Spirit is continually empowered to be in sync with all things holy and acceptable in God’s sight. So then, when a born again Christian says his/her instincts says to do something or not to do, you can be sure that its God’s voice that’s being heard.


                1. nice. but then, how come we still make mistakes? or make wrong decisions?
                  hearing God is a distinct thing..different from what our spirit says. sometimes, we may think things that are in line with something God wants us to do, at other times we may think things which even though good and holy are not in sync with God

                  e.g Paul wanted to go to mysia to preach..he was zealous and what he wanted to do was right but God didn’t want that. the Spirit “forbade him”..

                  hearing God is different and definite…but as we walk with Him, we can begin to learn how to think like Him and to know the things He would permit or not..

                  okay, now I am talking too much..


                  1. Whoa! Will you just look at that! Hmmm, Doc, you really are grounded. First let me say this: Creflo said we can always listen to what we normally refer to as ‘instincts’, if we’re born again and in consant walk with God, meditating on the Word and feeding our spirit constantly with psalms and hymns. If we do these sincerely and whole-heartedly, then we’d hear God’s voice silently in our spirits to lead us daily.

                    Second, I’m still trying sooo hard to reconcile the Doc, Topazo the online persona and ‘the’ Tope Ogundare. Care to share?


                    1. You’re friggin’ kidding me right? Don’t even think I’ll fall for that psycho-analysis stunts you like pulling. I refuse to be creeped out by you. *RME*


                    2. the problem is that you see ghosts everywhere…relax, aint no psych- whatever going on…

                      and by you saying that you aren’t falling for it means that you are falling hard…

                      now, you don’t know what to believe again…am I just a guy putting up a front or do I really have a split personality? that would be left to your imagination…


                    3. Yada yada yada! That’s all I hear. Who woulda thought its the same guy who churned out that brilliant piece up there is this same guy being all so mysteriously silly? It just doesn’t add up. And just so you know, since following you on this blog, my imagination’s been overstretched and is crying out for release. Its gone on vac, to reboot and refresh itself, so maybe you should just do the needful, before it resurfaces. What do you think?


                    4. Yes na, the needful such as answering peoples’ questions and desisting from that evasive trait that’s second nature to you. You know, that very annoying part of you. *scowling* .Topazo do me a favour and look all around this blogosphere, stories abound that your numerous readers’ imaginations are expected to you know, fill in the missing blanks; so to speak. I could start naming titles now. Do yu REALLY want that? *straight face*.


                    5. ‘Guilty Pleasures’, ‘The Wait’ even somehow, by way of your smoothness and sneakiness, like play play; ‘The Shrink’ sef don manage ‘rapala’ enter inside that equation. So what can you say for yourself now?


                    6. the shrink is still on, fear not…
                      the wait…was not meant to be continued and so also guilty pleasures( mentioning guilty pleasures is with a whole new level of insight… *coughs)


                    7. Chai! This self-inflicted cough that will not be the death of you Doc. You really need to see a GP to get this thing under control. Its fast becoming too unbecoming. Pele dear. LMAO!

                      Hmmm, guilty pleasures, insights; nice, what does that even mean? Please explain. PS: I have no imagination to fall back on to, so PLEASE; indulge me Sir, I beg. LOL!


                    8. ah, that is a private matter…and your imagination is not needed…though I won’t be sharing…

                      as for the cough, it is a protective mechanism that keeps me from divulging too much or talking too much…so i’ll pass on the GP consult


                    9. *nodding affirmatively*. Hmm, Doki has been a very bad boy. Se ko ni lehin sha? E sa rora maa se o, ekun ni baba, omo l’abouncing! Boya ki a ma gbaradi lati wa je iresi ni osu k’esan abi? Toh, a gbohun iya ati omo loruko Jesu o. Omo a si ni owo ire l’eyin lagbara Oluwa. Baba niyen, Baba no regret. Wa sere jo! ROTFLMAO!


                    10. If only I know indeed. You could just help my condition by filling me in na, QED. So what do you say? I’m a mighty good listener, I swear, I won’t judge you, I promise. *wink wink*


                    11. ah, na wa o. I think you have taken some pana-dull this night o…so u still don’t know what I am talking about?

                      or maybe it’s my split identity that’s causing the confusion….

                      once again, I resist the temptation to blab…


                    12. Anyway, have it your way. When bambino land, me I dey come ‘meki’. Lobatan! Hmmm, The Original Badooo fun ra re, omo ti ki n slack rara. Topsy toh bad gaaan ni, Osomo gbomopon, Osomo gbomogbin, Osomo gbomomi! Na u biko, ko seni naa to l’emi e. ROTFLMAO!


                    13. Hmm, s’emi; abi emi ko? Emi ti gba folorun tipetipe ke. Awon Musulumi ododo ni ‘gbafolorun n’isimi’. Kilomode mi mo? Omo jeje ara mi, ikoja aye ti je? Ko si wahala, a daa! LOL!


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