Guilty pleasures

The movie ends and she looks at me. Her eyes speak volumes and touch me deep within, in that part that was reserved only for her.

She stands to put the television off and stretches. I swallow convulsively.

This is bad. No, this is beyond bad. My heart rebels and I stand up to meet her. She enters my hands eagerly and rests her head on my chest. I inhale deeply, her scent filling my nostrils. I feel her heart thumping against my chest and pull her deeply.

I should pull back but I don’t. My body refuses to listen to my head. She tips her head back and gaze at me.

‘’I want you’’ the words hang in the air. I dip my head and take her lips in mine tasting the nectar that is her mouth. I hear a moan but cannot tell whether it is mine or hers. Things get a little intense and we seem to not get enough of each other. We pause for breath and stare at each other.

A flicker of guilt flash across her face and disappears just as it came. She drags my head down again and we continue were we left off.

One thought flash across my mind as we tumble into the bed ‘This cannot end well’.


DPchallenge: Happy ending


14 thoughts on “Guilty pleasures

  1. C’mon Man, is that it? Seriously? *seething*. Habatically, this is too short na and so many unanswered questions in its wake. What relationship exists between the two that’s causing for their conscience to prick ’em? ‘This cannot end well’, he soliloquizes and I ask, why?

    Doc, I need some answers before putting up a proper comment. You can’t just whet my appetite and leave me hanging and wondering. So start singing now.


      1. Oh goody! If that’s the way you want it, bring it on then; two can play that game. I’m keeping my comments to myself too. Scratch that! Let me rephrase, my comment is left to the imagination of the writer. Booyah! LOL!


                  1. This is not working at all. I’m outta here Doc, take your secret with you to heaven, when you’re old and grey and having beheld all your great grandchildren. I’m soooo not your pal no more. LWKMQuench!


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