A piece of me



A piece of me
Is all I have to give;
A heart with gaping holes
Is all I have left;
Pieces of me are
Strewn along the path
To here- to you,
If you will have me.


I will not promise to
Always think of you;
I feel the twinge of pain
From the scars on my heart
And remember the one that
Has a piece of me still.
But this I promise,
You will always be my priority.


Sometimes, you will catch me
Wistful, and in a far away world,
Sometimes, I will be aloof
Nursing my pain,
Know that, even in those moments,
I take you with me;
You are my anchor,
My link to happiness.


I will bemoan my loss,
Wail over my pain,
Sigh at the sight of the scars,
Only because I wish
My heart was whole, for you;
You, my dear, deserves my all-
My pure, pristine heart, not this-
Not this ragged remains, that I offer,
If you will have me.

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34 thoughts on “A piece of me

  1. Double Wowzer! Dreamy, breath-taking and enchanting. Doc, this is a very beautiful piece, you did great, loverboi! Lol! Your poems are always so surreal, especially the love poems. Kudos to you.

    I ask myself why on God’s green Earth should I settle for a teeny-weeny piece of someone when I can be wayyyyy better off with another who’s wholesome. What I’m I? the rebound girl or second best at best??? God forbid, Ajeku Eba; tufiakwa! If I cant have it all, then by jove, I’ll have none of it. Ki lo fe fa iwosi ke? ROTFLMAO!


    1. lolz. see vex o.
      what if all they have to offer is their battered heart, beating purely for you? they will never be whole but they will always be true…what about that?
      thanks for your high praise for my poems…I really appreciate


    1. awwww. not fair o… you can be my link to happiness, a salve for my pain and my hope for better days….here is my ragged heart…it’s all I have left..and i’m offering it to you


          1. Aw! Thank you so much Zee; I hope I can call you that??? Its a pretty name you’ve got there, quite unusual but very sweet-sounding! You flatter the breaths outta me! Me? Interesting??? Wow! I’ll bite! I’ll take it! The full credit though goes to he who I refer to as ‘brilliant’, the Doc who ‘everly’ gives me the time and day to get ‘my silly on’! He humours me and I just bask in his beautiful mind, a more kindred spirit as he, who just allows me to goof around on his watch; I haven’t found! He’s the absolute bestest, the sweetest and he brings out the best and ‘interesting’ in me!

            Plus, I wanna also use this time to welcome you aboard this glorious haven babycakes! Its addictive and very contagious too! Can you handle it??? You’re sooo in for a fun rollercoaster ride on the wild side, you’ve absolutely no idea! Welcome dear, its awesome having you on here, enjoy! *laughing*

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Oh, you see what i said? My super fan has made her entrance! See how she rolled out the carpet to welcome you with so much aplomb and fanfare?
              And see how she has packaged and re-branded me? Now, I have to up my game to match her hype so that I don’t disappoint! *sigh*


            2. Seriously Yemie, thanks. This is a new medium of expression for me and I’m hoping to find accomplishment in it. And you’ve got a wonderful command of English. In fact, you’re my teesha from now on


              1. LOL@’teesha’! You should see me blushing up a storm up in here, Zee! And a lotta accomplishments and then some, shall you shall find IJN, Amen. Plus, you’ve already gotten the hang of it, I mean; see how you do it like a boss! *laughing*

                There’s really nothing to it, its piece of cake! Passion and commitment’s all it takes, and with a generous dose of wits and humour, it’d be easy peasy lemon squeezy! With the passing of time, it’d become second nature to you and you’d be amazed at just how easy you’re well able to pull it all off effortlessly without breaking a sweat, you’ll see! Welcome on board again sis, and thanks so much for brightening up my lil corner of the world with your kind words! You Rock, Big time! LOL

                Liked by 1 person

                  1. Uh-oh! And the pressure keeps mounting! I totally didn’t see this coming! You pretty much just caught me offguard! *laughing*

                    Tell you what sweets; owning a blog was never part of my plan from the get go, when I happened about the blogging community in a little less than a year ago! I just wanted to read awesome contents, drop off my thoughts and just goof around!

                    However, I’ve been constantly grilled by a few well meaning folks to take a stab at owning a site, chief amongst ’em is the brilliant Doc; who’ve gotten into altercations with me over my refusal to heed his advice! I’ll bet he’s laughing me to scorn right now, seeing as you’ve mentioned it again! *laughing*

                    So then dear, till I get my ducks in a row and come to a final decision of to be or not to be, I’ll look in on your site, root and follow you; egging you on to those accomplishments of which you speak and we’ll see where it all goes from there. I hope that will suffice for now, yes? Thank you so much for the high praise, am totally humbled and bowled over by you! God bless you plenty! LOL


                  2. Yemie, see what I’ve been saying. Get that blog now!!!

                    Zee, Yemie is co-host and co-blogger here. In fact she is the more popular and sensational one of the two of us. Time and again, readers have said they enjoyed her comments more than the post, and our exchanges back and forth. My posts usually take back seat. She is that good!

                    So maybe we should collaborate and open a blog for here, what do you think? It’s high time…


  2. Love the poem… and I agreed with it. Sometimes, having a battered that is true to you… is far better than have a whole heart…. that hasn’t experience heart break, hence knows no value of love and still stuck on is may believe of the word. Lets be honesty love doesn’t concur all.


  3. DEEP AND SINCERE….the hurt is real, the pain felt yet the veracity of the promises cant be questioned. I love this, it is jarring yet beautiful, blood and roses, weakness and strength, sorrow and joy, yesterday and today….phew…amazing work!!!


              1. Hol’ up guys! This whole touchy-feely, mushy-mushy sweetness between two doctors leaves a lot to the imagination…mine imagination! Guys, what’s with this……bromance brewing up between you two?! Is this the part where I start having a raised eyebrow experience and or perhaps getting worried?! Talk to me guys, lets hear it! Whatagwan??? *Yinmu* LMAO!


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