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Among the glade, we glide,
Laughing; in the meadow,
Beside the gurgling stream, we lie
Savouring the gentle evening breeze
Watching the orange hue of the
Setting sun reflected on the
Surface of the water.

Surrounded by nature’s beauty,
You sigh contentedly;
Watching you, I smile
And in that moment realize,
That you are the one
My beau
My world of beauty.

It’s the land, I conclude,
The lofty mountains in the horizon;
Cascading waterfalls and the springs;
Nature’s symphony, a harmony of
Sounds that enchants and beguile;
The colours splashed on earth’s canvass- green and purple and blue and red.

It’s the air, fresh and crisp,
Blowing the cares and
worries away,
Carrying the fears and
doubts to a distant world;
the realm of bad dreams.

It’s you, roaming among the tall grasses,
Calling my name on a sing song,
Squealing in delight as I grab
You from behind and tumbling
On the grass;
Lying on top of me and piercing
My soul with those hazel nut eyes
Communicating with me
“Be mine forever”

It’s your heart, beating
next to mine; dancing
In tandem with my heart.
Here, everything is clear.
Here, in Beulah
I decide to marry you.

Forest glade

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8 thoughts on “Beulah

  1. This poem’s left me speechless! Topazo, you’re on the wrong continent o. LOL! Beulah, the promised land flowing with milk and honey. A lover’s haven alright, a paradise of sorts. Kudos to you, original loverboy! LMAO!


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