Perfect World

In a perfect world,
You will be here,
Right in my arms,
And not far away
In the embrace of another,
Thinking about me;
Yearning for a different touch,
One that sets you ablaze
And burns you up
To a feverish heat,
Panting and shivering
From waves of passion
Roiling in your insides.

In a perfect world,
Longing for someone
so dear to you
would not be,
Because you will have
That which you
So earnestly desire
To have and to hold,
And to cherish that person
That takes your breath away
And yet infuse you with life
And makes your every
Cell come alive.

In a perfect world,
There will be no pain
And heart break that
makes you gasp
and hold your chest
To still the squeezing
of your heart as
it shatters into
A million tiny shards, weeping
And telling yourself that
You can beat this;
That you can survive
And be whole again.

In a perfect world,
You will have me;
To make you giggle
And spin you till
You are dizzy;
And hold you
When you are afraid;
And to nestle against
When your eyes
close of their
accord as you drift
into a blissful oblivion
With a smile on your lips.


Image courtesy: Google

In response to the prompt perfect


8 thoughts on “Perfect World

  1. Well, since we’re doing this, I might as well follow suit and chip in my bit.*giggling* Topazo, in a perfect world, you’d write the concluding part of the enthralling piece you wrote titled ‘The Wait’, and quit putting us, your esteemed readers at ‘is coming’ . LOL!

    Brilliant piece by the way.


    1. I just couldn’t help the grin spreading on my face as I read this. I apologize for putting you on ‘is coming’. It’s just that, with your high praise, the standard has been raised. And I can’t afford to disappoint. Such is my predicament…lol


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