Musings by the well

It is just another day filled with the same routine; cleaning the house, cooking the meals and going to the well. I am not in the mood for company today, misery is already a handful. Jason is turning out to not be the angel he appeared to be. That I wanted him to be.

When will I find a man that will fill the void inside of me? That will satisfy my longing for love and acceptance?

They all love me, or so they say. They cannot however hide their real feelings for long. Beneath, their thinly veiled expression of love, disgust and selfishness shines brilliantly. What they love is my beauty and prowess. And they soon tire and become restless, impatient and inattentive.

Five men in thirty short years. Six including father, whose love I craved the most.

The attention and rush of the men is decreasing, wrinkles here and there and a few flabs around my waist are to be blamed. I face a future of loneliness and lack of love. Who will love me when I’m no longer appealing?

He speaks to me like a friend, coming out of the blues and demanding for a drink from my pitcher. Unique pick up lines, I admit and look him in the eyes. I don’t see the familiar glint of passion usually present in the other men.

He is actually speaking to me and not at me, and is genuinely interested in what I have to say. He is actually listening! I feel good inside and could stay here forever.

We debate about religion and history and politics. We talk about life and He says things that touch me deeply, like He knows all what I am going through and that has ever happened to me. The conversation is friendly and flowing freely. His views are strange and different, refreshingly so.

He is devoid of hostility, hatred, discrimination and arrogance that characterize the Jews, who look down on us Samaritans.

He talks about decentralized worship and abolition of liturgy and traditions. True worship, he says, must be in spirit and in truth.

I want more. The longing and yearning is now a dull ache gnawing at my insides. I ask for the living waters that he offered.

“Go call your husband” he answers.

My heart flutter. Who is my husband? I wonder. Jason, Joseph, Judah, Jehoshaphat or Jephtah?

“I have no husband” I reply.

He nods and says “you speak the truth, none of the five is your husband”

Now, I know why He is different. He is a prophet, imbued with the Spirit of God. I tell him so. No ordinary man speaks like this.

More than a prophet, he discloses.

“I am the Messiah” he declares “the one you have been waiting for”

Joy surge through me at the revelation. The Messiah has come, and is here in the flesh. And I am speaking with Him. Hope is restored and I feel alive again.

A single encounter with the Messiah can leave us changed and whole again. He meets us in places we least expect. We need to be on the look out for such visitations.

Have you had such unexpected visitations? Share your story. You can write about it and post a link in the comment box too.

As always your comments are appreciated.


14 thoughts on “Musings by the well

  1. Ah, as for me, i see God everywhere. I see him when i’m late for work and have to board a bus, i just say something as simple as ‘Lord, please i can’t wait for bus today, pls send opebi/allen here now’ and the next thing i hear is *in the conductor’s voice* pebi/allen, pebi/allen. I see God when i am broke and need a raise , and someone just drops something in my account, i see God when i am lost and down, and i hear the voice, ‘be still and know that i am God’. Most importantly, i see God in the seemingly little things, like the rising and setting of the sun, reminds me that no matter how dark the night is, morning will surely come. I think everyday can be an encounter with God, if we learn to pay attention. He is always looking for ways to wow us.


  2. Lovely write-up. I love adaptations of Biblical events! I experience divine encounters everytime I hear the Holy Spirit comfort and teach me, and when He sends His servants to give me a word pertaining to a particular issue I’m struggling with.


  3. Beautiful. Beautiful!!! Thank you. I love the style too. The ability to sequester the back and forth exchange between the woman and her Lord into modern and less intimidating topics -politics, religion etc, particularly impress. The short sentence approach worked here too. Why do I have the feeling that you have more; more to say and write, beneath your modesty. This is beautiful. I wish you more insight, and more grace. My favorite line has to be the ending, about Him meeting us in the unlikeliest of places, and with the most unique pick up lines possible. I hope I can share this, please.


  4. This is a lovely piece Topazo quite unusual and very insightful, double thumbs up to you. To God be all the glory, I experience the Lord’s visitation every other day, being a ‘Josephina’ of sorts. He communicates to me through dreams and whenever I open my eyes to beholding a new dawn, I know for certain that the Lord has once again counted me worthy of His unusual visitation. Thanks for sharing bro.


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