Rape is not a joke!

The social media is a buzz with reactions towards the joke the Nigerian comedian basket mouth made about the subject of rape.

I came across a robust reply to the issue written by Barbara Mhangami. Click here to read her post.

Reading through the comments generated on the post, I was generally satisfied at the outcry against the joke but I was also sad to read that over 5,000 people “liked” the joke on the comedian’s Facebook page.

One thing that struck me is the attitude we have towards such sensitive matter.


Rape is a serious matter. It is a violation not only of the body but of the soul. It breaks the victim and has a long lasting impact on them. Many never recover from its effect and some go on to commit suicide.

No excuse is tenable for justifying rape. None!

Looking at that joke closely, the message that seem to stand out was that it was okay to rape a woman who has declined you sex especially after you have spent so much on her. Like you have a right to have sex with her because you have lavished her with gifts and if she denies you, then you can force yourself on her. Such thinking!

It is not okay to force yourself on any woman even if it is your wife or girlfriend.

If you want to have sex by all means, there are professionals who offer this service for a fee. Go spend that your money on someone willing to do the job.

And by the way, how much have you spent on a lady that makes you think you are entitled to her body? A woman is priceless, unique and more valuable than all the gift that you have lavished on her.

That she has refused to have sex with you means she is not ready to share herself with you, at least not yet. Not until she is comfortable with you. So, why can’t you keep your phallus in check till then? What gives you the right to push her and want to have her now? Do you think with your phallus? Do your whole world revolve around sex? Are you sexually incontinent and have no self control?

Or could it be that you see women as sex objects and not as people? You are only interested in one part of their anatomy and all you seek is to sample their delights? So, all the gifts are just to hasten her to allow you have your way, a sort of down payment for her services? And once she doesn’t put out on time, you feel cheated and then resort to rape?

You don’t consider how she feels while you are busy humping away. You don’t spare a moment to think of how she would see herself afterwards, the impact on her and her self image. You don’t care that you are crushing her, damaging her.

You are basically a savage, a neanderthal.

We need to speak out against rape and against all those men who perpetrate it. We need to shout it from the roof tops. We need to teach our men, to respect women and treat them as human beings and not sex objects. We need to tell the men that no woman deserves to be raped or “has it coming”.

We need to liberate our women from this oppression. Disabuse their minds that it is a woman’s fault if she gets raped. We need to free them from the guilt and burden they carry. We need to allow them to feel free to come out and report any episode of rape, because it’s only in talking about it that they can hope to heal.

Women need not to feel ashamed or afraid to seek help, to not be discriminated against. They should be granted justice without reproof and without being looked down upon.

Rape is evil. Rape is not a joke.

Feel free to share your thoughts. Your comments are highly appreciated.


4 thoughts on “Rape is not a joke!

  1. God bless you Topazo for this fascinating piece. I just happened by your site and was pleasantly welcomed by this amazingly thoughtful piece of writing. So many salient points too numerous to review were raised by you and I hope these will speak to as many as reads it, and yield positive results too in their minds. A wow piece, well done.


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