When nothing is all you have

You are all alone in the house and are staring at the TV, not concentrating. Partly because you have watched the movie before, three times to be specific, but also because you are distracted. Something is bothering you but you can’t place a finger on it. You have been feeling this way all week.

You stand and begin to pace about the living room. The pacing calms you down, it channels some of the frustration into physical activity.

Then it hits you. It’s your life that’s the problem. The feeling underneath the restlessness is dissatisfaction. Your life is not going as planned and is riddled with failures and missed opportunities.

One thought predominates; you are not where you ought to be. The thought saddens you and your eyes sting with tears. You had your life planned out but somewhere along the line, it had veered off.

You think of all your friends that you had spent time together talking about the future and sharing dreams and aspirations, how things are working for them, and you wonder how you ended up here. With nothing.

Then you begin to pray, pacing still and talking to God. You had stopped praying for a while and not until you start did you realize how much you had missed it. You pour your heart to God.

Then, you hear the familiar voice. It is clear and distinct.

You have nothing but Me

You stop in your tracks and feel warmth rising from your chest and radiating all over you.

You are reminded of Abraham’s story, how he had told his nephew Lot to choose a land and settle there because tension was beginning to arise between his and Lot’s  herdsmen as a result of the limited space for grazing. How Lot had chosen the choicest part of the Land and left Abraham with arid land.

He then tells you the exact words He had told Abraham after Lot separated from him.

I am your shield and exceeding great reward

Joy surges through you there and then, like a well spring, bubbling and threatening to make you explode. You can’t help the scream and squeal of pleasure that escapes your lips.

Yes, you have nothing.

Nothing but God.

And that is just enough for you.

Words begin to filter into your mind and you pick your pen and write:

When God is all you have,
He becomes the wind under your wings;
The current carries you higher
Than your flapping wings could ever;
You soar and glide effortlessly
Like the eagle.

When God is all you have,
You ride upon the high places
Of the earth, with mouth full of praises;
You stand where others fall,
Take flights where they tire and are weary, and go from strength to strength.

When God is all you have,
Good things come your way
And you receive help and become exceedingly great.
He always comes through;
Never fails to show up,
and prove to the world that truly
He is your sufficiency.


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19 thoughts on “When nothing is all you have

  1. I like second person narratives, the words flow deeper into your soul like it really happened to you, makes you feel like you could relate! This is very reassuring! Thank you. 🙂


  2. God is everything and everything is Him, without Him there was nothing made. This is a very inspiring piece. Kudos, grace and peace multiplied.


    1. #Topazo is great like that.
      Thanks for sharing this on FB JBR, that’s how I got to come read from this wonderful Doc!
      GOD is all we need. If only we can see that and accept it. Because by having Him, we have everything…Kudos Topazo, didn’t know something this wonderful is somewhere here, thanks to Oga James who shared! Smiles…


      1. Jules, thanks a bunch!
        Like I said when you joined, do well to look through the site for other juicy stories. You can check the “archives” or use the “categories” button.


  3. Wow!This is amazing. It really made me pause and think about myself as a person. Thanks for opening another door for me dear.


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