My Favourite Things

I woke up today with the melody of “My Favourite Things” – one of the soundtracks in the classic movie sound of music playing in my head over and over.

Lying down, eyes closed and half awake, I thought about my favourite things and decided to make a list.

So, here are a few of my favourite things, in no particular order:

1. Drifting off to sleep while listening to classical music or Beyonce’s “Ave Maria” or the papas and mama’s “dream a little dream of me”

2. Twisting and gyrating with reckless abandon, when I’m alone, to a tune playing in my head.

3. Curling up on a couch with a good novel while tuning everything else out.

4. Watching the sun set from atop a mountain.

5. Capturing nature’s beauty from a mountain top with my camera lens (and then frowning at the details missing from the image, because it was taken with a low resolution camera)

6. Feeling the breeze blow in my face.

7. Being in the midst of loved ones and just watching their bantering and smiling.

8. Talking with God. On my knees, pacing around, lying down, in the bathroom…anywhere. anytime.

9. Making music and then playing it back, smiling and nodding, imagining myself a virtuoso.

Like Maria, my favourite things get me through the bad times and makes me feel better, helps me relax and feel happy and content.


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So, what are your favorite things? Make a list and share it in the comment box. I would love to hear from you!


6 thoughts on “My Favourite Things

  1. 1. Reading a Powerful book from a powerful Author
    2. Writing and reading a master piece poem
    3. Listening to Brooklyn Terbanacle Choir singing, “On the day…we’ll soar in the sky… we’ll sing, holy, holy…”
    4. Listening to Max Lucado singing, “You are God, and we Praise thee”
    5. Flying 33,000 feet above sea level aboard Boeing Airplane, viewing endless world of opportunities- I dream of Great things while in the air!
    6. Watching my a year and half old Baby Girl arranging her building blocks toy to her desirable shape and seeing her smiling a smile of accomplishment and fulfilment!
    7. Driving and listening to Top Peak Performance coaches- turnind driving time to learning time- I have bagged many degrees in Automobile Class, in the last 6 years plus of driving approximately, 100,000 kilometers!
    8. I give ALL GLORY TO GOD for this: Having enjoyed 8 years of uninterrupted Divine Health since 1st of January, 2006 till date, not having to take any tablet for one day, not having to lie down for headache for one day…..I consider every single day of these years favourite period. IT IS THE LORD’S DOING, IT IS MARVELOUS IN MY SIGHT!

    I stop here for others to continue!


    1. @ no 3, lovely song…i like the version sung by Ron Kenoly

      Smiling @ No 6…it’s got to be one of the greatest moments of fatherhood…

      No 8 is just wow…Covenant keeping God! “I am the Lord that healeth thee”


  2. The classical Sounds Of Music. That’s one film I could never tire of watching. My favourite things are too numerous to put into writing but chief amongst them is God Almighty, for keeping my other fav things, my family who I love to bits and pieces, alive and well.


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