Verses for Hubby

Kiss me, you must,
We are standing under the mistletoe;
Take me, with each thrust,
Racing to the peak- with curled toes.

Dance with me, I insist,
Take my hands and sway,
It’s our music, it’s distinct
Let nothing stand in the way.

It is not good to dwell in the past,
Like the early morning mist,
At the sun rising, it won’t last;
It’s effect is like the force of a fist.

Play with me, dearest one,
Tickle me and make me giggle;
Let us run and be free and have fun,
Let our laughter soar like the eagle.

Love me, simply put,
Is the sum of all my desire;
Together, forever, tasting it’s fruit,
Building a perfect world for the ones you sire.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Yemie says:

    I love this piece, surreal and very romantic. A keepsake for me, will most definitely recite it to my hubby.*wink wink*

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