Christmas Rhymes

Shining trees
And toppings of a star;
Family gatherings,
Sounds of hearty laughter;
Hanging mistletoes,
Colourful candles scented,
Plates of marshed potatoes
Stuffings in turkey roasted.

It’s the holiday season,
Filled with seasoning;
Let’s remember the reason
For all the rejoicing:
Long ago in a tiny manger,
Was born the Messiah,
Admist threats of danger,
To fulfill man’s greatest desire.

Yearning for the communion lost,
Thirsty for everlasting life,
Given to selfish desires and lust,
Mankind wallow in evil and strife;
Through the Saviour’s birth-God’s gift
His life, love and death,
An end was brought to the rift
Between God and man;He paid the eternal debt.

“Hosanna in the Highest”
The angels sing;
Man’s songs will sound loudest;
To the highest heaven our praises ring;
Peace on earth,
Goodwill to all,
Prosperity and mirth
Forever to all who heed His call.

Merry Christmas to all and sundry!
Wishing you a fun filled year ahead.
Your comments are always welcome.
Thanks for your support through the year.


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