Goodnight and goodbye

Yesterday night, a dear friend lost her dad. I woke up earlier than usual this morning  and while still trying to go back to sleep, wordings of a poem were flitting into my mind.

As I penned it down, I was surprised at the theme. I was not in mourning nor had I lost anyone. Shortly after, I heard the news and wondered if I had had a premonition.

Now, the poem has become relevant

Goodnight and goodbye,
The day is far spent;
Night has fallen;
The fields are deserted
The labourers have retired,
Weary and drained;
The chicken have returned
Home to roost.

Goodnight and goodbye,
It is time to rest,
From all toils and labour;
To lie still and in peace,
Undisturbed by the chaos
And noise all around;
To grieve over dreams that will not be.

Goodnight and goodbye,
Just till the night is past;
Surely the day will spring forth;
The sun will rise from its lair
And all that are asleep shall rise;
And then we shall see again.

Goodnight, Mr Shobayo, till the morning, when we shall see again.
I pray for God’s comfort for the family you left behind.


3 thoughts on “Goodnight and goodbye

  1. A sombre, but yet beautiful piece and a big ‘Amen’ to your prayer for the bereaved. A sad reality we must all confront at sometime in our lives, noone’s immune.


    1. Death, the two edged sword. To those that believe, it’s a happy thing – a gateway to paradise. To the bereaved, left behind, it’s a painful thing, a world devoid of one beloved.


      1. I agree, ‘zaphnath-paaneah’, the man to whom mysteries is given. You couldn’t have picked a better name, it suits you just fine. LOL!

        And that was a premonition, you don’t need a prophet to tell you that. I don’t believe in coincidences.


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