The Lion and the Lamb


The Lion roars
And silence descends on
The inhabitants of the jungle

He strides majestically
Purpose in every step
The glory of a king
Emanating from every pore

He defends his territory
With fierceness
His enemies are
Left in shreds

From the tribe of Judah
He reigns supreme
His dominion knows no end

A Lamb, tender and pure
Perfect and without blemish
The only one worthy
To bring peace

Meek and lowly
He is a willing offering
The only begotten
The only acceptable sacrifice

The Lamb of God
The Son of God
Offered up since the
foundation of the world

He is the Lion
The King of all
He is the Lamb
The Savior of all.

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9 thoughts on “The Lion and the Lamb

  1. You know, I should thank you for the immense support you have given me this year and always, for taking the time to read my posts and always leaving a comment. I appreciate that.

    You’re good – but I’m sure you knew that.

    Thank you for sharing.


  2. This beautiful poem is a confirmation of one of the many ‘stunts’ you can pull with your mouth, Doc. LOL!

    A mind blowing and mind boggling contrast. Only our Saviour can pull that off so effortlessly. The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah and The Lowly Lamb Of God. I guess that’s why He’s called Wonderful. You did great as always, well done.


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