That Place

That place yonder
Filled with wonder
On which many often ponder
Making the heart grow fonder

Of that place many have talked
About, filling our mind with pictures locked
Up and setting our imaginations free
To roam and with longing sighs on a plea

There, we are told, lies a world
Not around Sol furled
There, neither day nor night exist
Time and season cease to subsist

There, the trees blossom always
Lining either sides of the highways
The fruits, never out of season, are appealing
And their leaves brings healing

There, all pain ceases
And tears never a face creases
Joy bubbles from hearts all around
And smiles on every face abound

There, the music never stops
Melody fills the air like dew drops
Distilling from hearts made cheerful
For there is never a one not grateful

There, the streets are paved with gold
Precious stones splash with colours bold
Sickness and death are memories far away
For there immortality holds sway

Of that place, my heart dwells on
Sighing and longing from the light of dawn
Hoping and praying for the time
When I shall be in its lofty clime


5 thoughts on “That Place

    1. Wow! Now this is one amazingly dreamy piece of ethereal writing. Every line, verse and stanza with its own beautifully rhythmic flow. Heaven’s the place to be, when we’re old and grey. May the Good Lord give us a taste of Heaven while here on Earth. Awesome poem, Topazo, double thumbs up.


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