I have nothing to offer
Let me follow you still
I have all to learn
Do not consider me
A parasite

You have nothing to lose
Bear with me just a little more
I have everything to gain
Do not despise me
I pray

You have everything to bolster
Let me lean on you
I have nothing to hold on to
My weakness is drawn
To your sturdiness

You have everything to flourish
Let me from you be nourished
I have nothing to suckle on
Can I from your sap
Be nurtured?

You have nothing to fear
Let me hide under your shadow
I have everything to make me cower
Let me draw strength
From you.


2 thoughts on “Sapling

  1. I’m digging this poem. Has this to do with an infant suckling from mommas breasts? Because it sure sounds like it. Your poems make sense die.


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