Living Dead.

You broke me
With your smiles
And your lines
“you are the best thing to
ever happen to me”

You crushed me
With your fears
And your tears
“I need you” you cried
Whispered my name on a sigh

You ruined me
With your eyes
And your mouth so sly
Your voice enchanted
Passion it implanted

You wounded me
“it is not enough” you said
People’s opinions you dread
And thus to the wind
Our love you consigned

You damaged me
Left my heart in shreds
I cried till my eyes turned red
Walking, empty, hollow, a living dead
With heart of lead,  no more love to spread.


14 thoughts on “Living Dead.

  1. This poem comes across to me as ‘use me, abuse me and I’d still think the world of you’. Perhaps I’m the one getting the wrong vibe or something. A case of unreciprocated love ,so sad and solemn.

    Doc, what is it with you and all poems, sombre and blue? Is that an area of specialization or just get kicks from composing poems with heartbreak themes? LMAO!

    Your poems are the bomb and I hope you’re thinking ’bout having them published. Kudos!


      1. Maybe? There he goes again being evasive. No surprises there, sebi na u? The Lord’s your strenght and in God’s perfect time, you shall actualise your dream of publishing. Just hang in there and keep doing what you know how to do best. And hmmm…….., get over your heartbreak, the world’s out there waiting for you.


          1. A certain appeal? Psst! You really think you’re all that? Since being evasive sounds all ‘cool’ to you, then let me also add that your evasiveness is annoying and very obnoxious too. Pls tell me which part of those two traits come across to you as ‘a certain appeal’? Pray, tell!


              1. Wait a minute, what am I being psycho-analysed here? You really shouldn’t be cocky, Doc; and so it happens I’m throwing tantrums now. At least I’m better than some people who just wouldn’t let go of yesterday to behold the beauty that today holds and the hope that tomorrow promises. Say, did you listen to the Sound Sultan music ‘Natural Something’? *chuckling*


                  1. What else is new? You can’t have any idea nah, abi iwo ko? Alaimokan, Osisco! LMAO! Do well to listen to that song and get back to me ASAP once you do, your life will never remain the same again, trust me. *laughing*


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