Love Me

Love Me
From deep within your heart
Want Me
Like the air you breathe in
To survive, to live.

Love Me
With all your soul
Desire Me
More than the coins
That will last only a moment in your coffers.

Love Me
Totally and truly
Please Me
Like an eager maid her mistress
In all things.

Love Me
With all of you
I love you too.


26 thoughts on “Love Me

  1. Awwww! Now this is what I’m talking ’bout. A happy and dreamy piece, sure to brighten one’s day. All traces of solemnity, gone. Truly liberating, a ray of sunshine and just brilliant. Doc, do more poems like this and do away with those heartbreaking themed poems, you already have enough to last you a life time. Didn’t you feel lighter and merrier when you wrote this piece? You did terrifically well and you rock big time! Did I just say that? *shrugs*. Shoot me! LMAO!


      1. Now I’m convinced you’re just being plain silly and playing crazy. You felt ‘weird’ writing this? And you still need more heartbreak themed pieces in addition to the ones you have? You should see a shrink to straighten you out. Lol!


          1. Awww! I admire a man who admits he has a problem and is ready to take steps to finding lasting solution. I’ll contact you ASAP as soon as I have a name, only the best will do. Pele my dear, you’ll be mighty fine. *teary eyed*. LMAO!


              1. I guess I’m teary eyed cos I’m empathetic towards your condition. Its gotten so bad that you’ve also become delusional. What treatment do you refer to my lil unwell youngman? Eeyah, o maa ga o! Oluwa a ko wa moo se. LMAO!
                Topazo, alakori ni ota re o. Se emi ni o fi n paa abi? Kare o, ki o mura si. Mtchew! Lol!


                    1. Tan ba e binu? Iwo naa da? O ti po to rara. Koda, ki o lo ‘duplicate’ ara re lona egbe egberun; o ti po to naa. Iwo bawo! Palapala ilu Apala. ROTFLMAO!


                    2. Se ko re ota re? Ti ice cream ti je? Abi o le ‘chewing gum’ mo oju re ni?. Ma fi nu mi, mo mooje. Gbe mi kale, mi ki n se omo owo. Abi se mo dabi omo ojoo to de pampers? Shove your ice cream up your ‘you know where’. Silly Nilly! Lol!


                    3. Ota re o gbadun o, won ko de le ri igbadun ni aye yi ati orun. Broda onisokuso buuku, ojanu Rebecca! Saliu, Sofo! Eni ba ri e, wani eniyan tan po. Boya ni won mo. Will get you the help you need, now more than ever.*shaking ma head*. LOL!


                    4. Well, good thing you ‘think’, you don’t know for a fact. Emi ni eleke eebu abi? Ki wa ni iwo o? Sebi a jo n ta si ara wa ni? Eeyah, pele, o n jo e abi? Ok, I’ll leave you be before you burst into tears. Unlike you who revels in all things sombre and blue, I’m a happy-go-lucky person and I simply delight in all things, beautiful. So my dear brother, I take a bow but I’m not taking back all I’ve said. Never! Pele, maa sun ekun mo o, a daa. ROTFLMAO!


                    5. For your mind! Besides, agba pe orisirisi o. Agbaya wa, agba osi nbe, agbalagbi wa; agbalagbangba naa wa. Iru agba wo ni eyin je sir? LMAO!


                    6. Ki la gbe, ki le ju Sir? You’re the man! Ki ni iyen nise pelu nkankan? O da naa, lo sun o, o da mi loju pe o ti n se iranran. Pele, odaaro o, ki Oluwa ji wa re. LMAO!


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