broken glass

How do you fix a broken glass

Splintered on the floor into a

Thousand shards?

How do you mend

A heart minced and shredded?


How do you patch a rent

In an old and worn cloth

Frayed and frail?

How do you tend a mortal wound

On the heart?


How do you seal a broken clay pot

Leaking from several cracks

Spilling precious, hard gotten water?

How do you come back

From a hurt so deep it leaves you breathless?


How can you tell how you look

Standing in front of a mirror

Cracked in several places?

How can you come out

Of a flaw so woven intricately

Into the fabric of your existence?


Like the hands of the clock

You keep going

Tick after tick

Marking time as it passes

Same revolution, day after day

Time, they say, heals all wounds

And makes things better.


10 thoughts on “broken glass

  1. Yeah, they say time heals all wounds, but that’s not always the case. Some wounds are healed only when the One whose stripes heal is allowed to be the doctor.
    Beautiful poem 🙂


  2. Life and its many miseries.*sighs*. Does time really heal all wounds? I know space and distance from the time of an unfortunate incident makes light the pain but one does not necessarily forget. Only God’s grace and one’s sheer determination to let go and move on, makes life worth living again. And that, does not come easy.

    You did great, Doc; I love your poems, they’re very relate-able and this one is deep. Kudos, wa gbayi jo! LOL!


    1. I think the healing is not in the forgetting, but being able to remember without the negative emotions and pains that accompany them…

      I’m really glad you like my poems…it makes me feel gooooood! so good. Thanks


      1. Noted Doc, i’ll keep your advice close to my chest. It comes highly recommended. I’m also glad, that you’re glad that I like your poems. I feel soooo goooood too. LOL!


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