Rest a while
Survey your environment
Appreciate the beauty of the world
Around you
Take note of the little things
They matter
It may mean the difference
Between life and death.

Consider thoroughly the step
You are about to take
Ponder the consequences of that action
It may look all good and nice
It may be the rational thing
Or the easy way out
Look deeper
There is always an angle
You have not seen
Think it through.

Stay from the things that bring
grief, anguish and pain over and over
What with all the guilt?
Enough is enough!
Retrace your steps,
It’s never too late
It is foolhardy to continue on a wrong path just because you have
Been on it for a while
Acknowledging your mistake is a courageous act.

Take stock
Are you following your dreams?
Is this what you want from life?
Or are you chasing another’s dreams?
Self actualization is the step before
Self fulfillment
A child looks forward after tripping
Over a stone
An elder looks back
Be wise. 


6 thoughts on “Stop!

  1. Nice poem. but try to use deeper imageries. Poetry doesnt concern just the message it passes acros also the structure, the flow which is not properly handled here. Personally, i dont apreciate poems giving out free (without someone having to think). Please try to consider these think and make the work better. Well done


  2. Wise words these are, Doc. I love the tranquility that’s the first verse, the gentle but firm admonitions that’s the second, third and fourth verses. The use of the word, ‘Stop’ in each verse with the subsequent lines is commendable and in synch with each lines in the verses. Me likey, a lot! A wow piece, you totally nailed it.


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