I am Gay!

I am coming out

Not caring what you think about me

Your smiles or frown

It makes no difference


I am tired of hiding in the dark

Wondering what the warmth of the sun feels like

Imagining what it means to throw my head back

And inhale the freshness of the evening breeze


I am sick of the glimpses I see when I dare to poke my head out

It leaves me more distraught than I was

And rather than quell the yearning

It fans it into a roaring inferno of need


I am tired of placing my head over my heart

And telling my heart to be still

No, I am not going to stop my heart from beating

From pulsing and its life giving flow


I am coming out

Breaking through the thin veil

Dropping the façade and done hiding

I am gay!


I am a butterfly,

No longer a worm despised and weak

I was born to roam free

And not to be wrapped in a cocoon


I am gay,

Full of cheer and warmth

Colorful and bright

And coaxing giggles from amused children


I am gay

I am full of life

Spreading my wings

Taking my flight to heights untold




8 thoughts on “I am Gay!

  1. Wow Doc, who woulda thot??? I shoot myself! *passes out*. LMAO!

    First, u gat this ‘coming out’ poem all ‘locked down’. Me likey, a lot. *nodding affirmatively*.

    Second, I’m totally, absolutely with Walter on this one, you’re one heck of a mischievous writer, but you don’t fool me. LOL!

    Last, this is a very beautifully composed poem. A wow piece, double thumbs up.


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