Steamy…..random things

‘’make love to me’’

Her eyes were locked with his and their hands were entwined. Her heart was thudding against her chest and she was shocked as he at what she had said. Her palms were becoming moist. A slight shiver passed through her, both from fear and from the excitement that had begun to wash over her.

He noticed the shiver. ‘’are you cold?’’ he asked, his voice a whisper, hoarse and raspy. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed convulsively.

She shook her head. He rubbed his hands over her arms and she shuddered. The path his hand trailed on her skin was singing with electricity.

‘’make love to me’’ she repeated again. Her voice was hoarse, filled with emotion. She smiled at him, a slow seductive smile. He turned towards her, and leaned forward to kiss her. She closed her eyes, parting her lips slightly. It seemed to take forever before his lips found hers.

He was unsure at first, this was his first. The kiss was tentative, light and sensual. Her lips were soft and full and soon he found himself wanting more.

She opened her eyes and locked her gaze on him. They stared at each other for what seemed like forever. His eyes were a whirlpool of emotions. She saw longing, adoration and lust. She uttered a groan and pulled him to herself and kissed him deeply.

He was stunned for a few seconds, his brain slow to react. Then he was kissing her back, matching her rhythm. His hands moved to her hair and stroked it gently. She gave a soft moan and pressed herself to him. He caressed her back and arm and held her face in his hands. He nibbled on her lips and kissed her face and then throat. She moaned.

She unbuttoned his shirt and ran her hand over his chest. His chest was smooth and she played with the few tufts of hair. She caressed his nipples and felt them harden and she rubbed them gently. His breath caught in his throat and his breathing became shallow. His response drove her wild. She leaned forward and kissed his nipple, sucking it gently. He uttered a low growl.

He laid her on the bed and proceeded to undress her. He was in no hurry, trailing kisses over every inch of skin exposed. She was left only in her underwear and was arching upwards. He paused to run his eyes over her body and she felt heady. She saw he adored her body. He slowly caressed her body and stopped at her breast and rubbed her nipples with his thumb and fore finger. Her body was hot all over and a thin film of sweat coated her skin. Waves of pleasure rolled over her.

She reached out and caressed his hardness contained in his boxers. ‘’I want you inside me now’’ she whispered, holding his gaze.

He positioned himself in between her legs and she guided him inside her. He entered slowly, stretching her fully. She gasped with pleasure.

His movements were slow, each thrust sending a wave of pleasure up her spine to her brain. It was a sweet torture. He was knowing her, savouring her and taking his time in doing so. His hands were entwined with hers above her head and his thumb was caressing her palms gently. She was going to die from pleasure, she thought. He never removed his eyes from her and he seemed to be looking into her soul, as he brought her close to the brink.

She began to pant, and lift her hips upward to meet his thrusts. Her legs were wrapped around his waist. He was panting too, and his thrusts were faster. He leaned down to kiss her and let out a groan as he climaxed, taking her with him over the edge with his name on her lips.


7 thoughts on “Steamy…..random things

  1. Holy Cow! What do we have here??? You sure turned up the tempo. Sweet Lord have mercy! *hyperventilating* Ok, time out! Back to the matter, still in denial ’bout being the original loverboy, no? *straight face*. Hmm……, I really didn’t think so. LOL! Well done, wowzer!


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