Ancient Diaries

I stopped looking at Him just long enough to be aware of the raging sea and rising storm.

Then I stopped trusting and started to fear. I couldn’t remember what His face looked like, couldn’t remember who He was or what He could do.

That was when I started sinking and I knew without a shadow of doubt that I had reached my end, I was looking at my grave.

What happened next, I didn’t know, call it reflex or habit. I heard myself calling out to Him. Why wouldn’t I? It’s been only His name on my lips for quite a while now.

‘Save me!’ I heard a voice that sounded not like my own, it was mixed with fear and apprehension.

Then all of a sudden, He was there. I couldn’t tell how. The last I saw Him, He was afar off, and the next moment He was there; reaching out to me and pulling me up.

I had been saved! And I was walking on what was supposed to be my grave; the raging waters now calm were solid under my foot and I walked by His side to the boat.

Then I understood: ‘fear not, it is I’

I walked along on life’s pathway, feeling confident and self-assured.

Why shouldn’t I? I had slain my ‘tens of thousands’ and had waxed rich and exceedingly great.

Maidens sighed at the mention of my name, kings trembled at the mere thought of me.

I was walking upon my high places because the Almighty was shining His countenance on me. I became used to it and I may have taken His favour for granted…

And then He hid his face! Then began trouble; waves and billows and the depths of the sea washed over me.All the memories of my glory days were gone in an instant, and I was reduced to a laughing stock, trodden under foot and made a target for those that handled stones.

Then I knew that in His favour is life and in the lifting up of His countenance is life everlasting. So I cried to Him, and used the only argument that I knew would work for me-praise.

‘What good would I be if I went to the grave?’ I prayed, ‘lift up your countenance and shine on me’ I pleaded.

Now I know better. Each and every day of my life will I bless the Lord, for he is good and his mercies endure forever. I charge my soul to bless Him and not to forget His benefits.

Now I live to praise Him.

Thrice I had an encounter with Him. Thrice I denied Him His honour and failed to acknowledge His lordship.

Twice He pardoned me and gave me another chance to acknowledge Him, but I was too full of myself to see anyone besides myself much less entertain the thought of a being higher than myself. I was a law, a god.

My hand had conquered nations, my hands had built an empire that was a joy of many nations, a wonder of the world. They thought my father had done great things but I had surpassed in glory all that were before me.

These made my heart to be lifted up within me, I had forgotten (or chose to forget) that all good things come from above, from the father of lights.

Then I uttered the words that changed my life forever…

Seven times passed over me, seven seasons of being wet with the dew, seven years spent alone, bowed down, reduced to nothing. Seven years

Then I acknowledged that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men and gives it to whomsoever He wills.

Now as my glory and honour and dominion are being restored to me, I praise and honour Him.

Now I know that only He is worthy to be praised and extolled.


6 thoughts on “Ancient Diaries

  1. We’re nothing without God, its only He that gives us the strength to do all things. May His countenance continually shine upon our lives round and about IJN, Amen. Whenever am looking to get inspired, I tune to the Zaphnathpaaneah station. And yet he says he’s not a Pastor! Ok o, I hear you. LOL!


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