I am more than gold
But you made me feel worthless
My price is far above rubies
But you made me believe
That i am valueless

No more shall you have that power
No more will you oppress
No more will i yield to your
Every machinations
For i know who i am now

I was your slave
I lost my way
I was subject to your whims
But not anymore,
I know who i am now

I couldn’t even if i wanted to
My heart won’t let me
It is beating with passion
Excited at this new knowledge
Of my worth and value.


4 thoughts on “Oppression

  1. I think Eleanor Roosevelt said it well when she declared, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” I have a feeling you were refering to the war of female gender discrimination by some males; but I think the female world should begin to REALIZE more than ever, as a wise man once put it, that they are, “MEN, WITH WOMBS”!!!


  2. Lovely piece. There’s no greater a feeling than that of self-discovery, especially when you’re in Christ. That assurance that you’re a King, a joint-heir with the Son, whose name is higher up there than oppression and the likes. Great thinking, Doc.


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