” That by two immutable things, in which it is impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us” {Hebrews 6:18, KJV)

Immutable means incapable of change i.e unchangeable. similar verse is found in Numbers 23:11 ”God is not a man that he should lie…”

It is impossible for God to lie and this fact is immutable, not susceptible to change. This fact has several meanings and import for us.

1. We have a strong consolation that whatsoever God has spoken concerning us or what He has spoken to us about His plans and purpose for us will surely come to pass because it is impossible for God to lie.

”Not one jot or tittle of the law shall pass till all be fulfilled” (Matthew 5:18, KJV) Jesus himself said. God told Jacob ”i will not leave you till I have done what I have promised you.”(Genesis 28:15, NLT)

God stands by his word. It is said in the scriptures that He honors His word above His name. He is his word, and His word is Him. His word carries His character-unchanging and everlasting.

It is impossible for God to lie! Whatever He has spoken to you, spoken concerning you will surely come to pass. ”The vision is for an appointed time….wait for it…it will surely come” (Habakkuk 2:3, KJV)

2. We can be rest assured that every word of the scriptures are true. The scriptures talks about itself ” All scriptures was given by inspiration…Holy ghost inspired holy men to speak and write” (2nd Timothy 3:16,KJV; 2nd Peter 1:21).

The scriptures was given by God, it is the word of God and it is immutable. God cannot lie, the scriptures cannot lie. Every word of it will come to pass. God cannot change, the scriptures cannot and will not change. Just as God remains the same throughout the generations, so also the word of God will not change despite the changing times and seasons and fashion and opinions of men.

So, if it is so, why then are we not taking the scriptures seriously? It is impossible for God to lie! That fact is immutable.

Every command is binding, every instruction is to be followed, every law is to be obeyed. Every promise is true and every punishment is real. We should stick to the word of God, read it always and obey it to the letter. Every single word counts and is important. ”not one jot or tittle of the law shall pass till all be fulfilled”

God bless!


10 thoughts on “IMMUTABLE

  1. Preach it, Pastor! LOL! God does not slack concerning His promises, though it tarries, it shall surely come to pass at His own specified time. In His time, He makes all things beautiful. May the Good Lord open the eyes of our hearts, so we can see Him and all that He represents, IJN, Amen.


  2. Oh my bad! Sue me for not noticing. Some day, when you heed the call, thou shalt remember this conversation, and then I’d say, ‘I told you so’. LOL!


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