what will be said of me

what will be said of me
when I’m long dead and gone?
what will I be remembered for
when a memorial is made of me?  

will I be gone from this world
leaving no trace behind
like a serpent passing on a rock
or like the bird gliding across the sky?  

will I be forgotten
or leave behind
a void no one can fill?
will my work outlive me or
crumble like a pack of  cards
as I breathe my last?  

will there be a legacy
left for others to follow
will I have charted a path
where others can tread?  

will I be an example to emulate or a case study of pitfall to avoid?
will I be a shining star – a north star,  
lighting up the way for the next generation
or be a comet, whose flame is but for a moment?  

will books be written about me and
what would be read if they were?
will my life inspire others to greatness or lead another to tread
the path of destruction?  

will I live on in the hearts of people
or my memory fade like
a nightmare when
one awakens from it?  

when a remembrance is made of me
will it evoke pleasant memories?
will it bring a sigh, a smile, a longing or
will it be angst, a hiss, and
a quick moving on to happier thoughts?  

will I have made a mark, an impact?
will I have made a positive contribution?
will I have touched a life and wiped a tear? will I have been a blessing or will it have been the opposite?     


2 thoughts on “what will be said of me

  1. We really ought to ponder and reflect ’bout what will be said of us when we pass on. Everyone envies Mandela, the one who’s had the greatest honour even in death in this age, but not a lot of people are willing to pay the ultimate price of sacrifice and selflessness, as in his case. It was not all rosy for him but he forged ahead. Leaving footprints in the sands of time is not priority for a lot of people, who are so myopic in their reasoning and thinking only about the now.

    Kudos to you for this thought-provoking piece.


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