Today, i couldn’t reach my destination,
I had wandered away from the path;
I had been led astray by the glittering non-
And now i’m stuck and clueless, in the gathering
But tomorrow, with its promise of sunlight,
Holds an assurance of a journey completed.

Today, i failed to shine,
And lighten the world-
Giving the next man the inspiration to brighten his
own corner;
Today, i neglected the one thing that was essential-
As i look back with dismay,
I realize with a heart full of gratitude:
I had one more gift-
Tomorrow- to make things right.

Today, i failed; tomorrow i’ll succeed,
Today is marred by my actions,
Tomorrow is a fresh lump to be molded into
Today, i wished i had not been born,
Tomorrow i’ll be immortalized.
Tomorrow, a day of hope and better things awaits,
I’ll rise and meet it with gladness;
For tomorrow i’ll shine.


3 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. Tomorrow’s not promised to any man, what if tomorrow never comes and then what? We should strive to do what we must today because tomorrow’s not guaranteed. This poem allows for a sober reflection to correct the wrongs of yesterday, if one’s favoured to see today or tomorrow. Lovely piece, kudos!


    1. Tomorrow, is what gives us hope. When we fail today, we do not give up, we hope that with the gift of another chance- we would make it right.
      Without the hope of tomorrow, there would be nothing to look forward to.
      Thanks for dropping by


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