Straight from the heart

No, this is not about me

It about another, Yemie

And ‘straight from the heart’

Blending life with art.

She is the queen of words

Reigning in the blogging world

To me, she is a super fan

And more, much more. An

Adorable heart, a free spirit

A goddess, a fairy…..


Sorry, I ran out of rhymes….


Never mind, this is not about me…


Okay, Straight from the heart is up and running!


(Rounds of applause)

Zee, we did it!


(Acknowledging her nod)


Our very own Yemie has launched her blog!

I must say, I was tempted to have her say her first words as a writer here, so that I can share in the shine…but you know, it is time for her to set ablaze the blogosphere…


So, go here and have fun with the Awesome, Yowie Yemie!

Sally’s story

It started with a single tear drop that made its way from the corner of his right eye and journeyed slowly downwards down his oval face and unto his singlet. He walked the breadth of his living room, rocking himself as he did and with his hands folded across his chest.

The tears became a steady stream, he couldn’t hold them back again. Then the sobs started, and his whole body shook as the spasms rocked his whole body. He kept walking and rocking himself trying to steady his knees from buckling under. It was a heart wrenching cry, an overflow from a deep well of sadness within.

He would go out tomorrow and he would smile, his friends would see a calm and well collected guy even in the face of so much pressure. They would commend him for his sturdiness. They wouldn’t see him crying, wailing and pleading for mercy at 1 am in the morning and soliciting for help.

‘Why am I crying?’ he asked himself

‘I don’t know’ came the reply

Slowly, the word formed as he thought hard about it.


Years of failing weighed heavily upon him. It wasn’t just the pressure that was getting to him. It was years of pent up emotions of despair, self-deprecation, despondency and other negative emotions that he couldn’t define.

He remembered the many times he had failed to measure up, and how often his best had not been enough. He struggled under the weight of the guilt as they rolled over him in waves for all the wrong choices he had made. He felt ashamed for all the times he had strayed away from the right path and for not been consistent with his relationship with God. Now, he needed God and he was not sure that he deserved any help from Him.

He was lonely. He had no one to talk to; everybody looked up to him for help. They all believed that he had it all together and wouldn’t believe him if he said otherwise. It has always been him carrying the burden all alone, all his life. Today, like many days in the last months, he was overwhelmed. He couldn’t contain the feelings and couldn’t hold the tears at bay. All evening he had struggled with the growing sadness and had distracted himself with movies.

They had succeeded for a while, but even as he laughed at the comedy he was watching, he had been aware of the increasing heaviness in his heart and the laughter had been surface deep. He could feel the tears bubbling underneath, like a boiling water in a cauldron.

As he paced, teary eyed and with red rimmed eyes, he prayed silently blubbing in between sobs. If only God would just listen and send help to him, he would be grateful.

“Lord, have mercy on me. I am sorry for not always doing right, for making the wrong choices. I acknowledge my guilt and I have no excuses. Have mercy on me”

I will not leave you nor forsake you

It came as a whisper.

He blinked.

Let me tell you a story

His mind began to fill with an image and the story played out in his head.

There was a little girl, her name was Sally. She was a free spirited girl, with wild, unruly red hair and light brown eyes, the apple of her father’s eyes. Every evening, she accompanied her father into the woods. Her father would hold her hands as they walked along the path surrounded by pine trees and dense undergrowth.

Sally loved her independence and after a while would remove her hands from her father’s and would skip happily away running ahead of him. No matter how hard her father tried, she wouldn’t listen and would whine and whine till he let go of her hand and allow her to explore, but he never let her out of his sight.

One evening, they were in the woods, and as usual she had removed her hand from her father’s and had ran ahead. The path was windy and tortuous, and it was at one such turns that she left her father behind. Although her father called to her not to go too far, she did not heed his call. At a fork in the road, she took a wrong turning and got lost.

It took a while for her to notice this and when she did, she could not trace her way back. She had always believed that she knew the way but she realized to her dismay that she didn’t. Fear coursed through her and she began to panic. It was getting dark and a chilly wind was blowing.

She cried out and called out to her father but heard no response. She was alone and was aware of the many dangers that could come to her. Tears coursed down her eyes and she began to regret not listening to her father. ‘I should not have left my father’s side’ she thought. Things got worse, her leg got caught in a trap. She screamed as she watched the blood ooze out from her legs and the pain shoot up her spine.

She heard a noise behind her and turned in fright, her eyes widened. She was overjoyed to see her father running towards her, with tears in his eyes. Seeing her father, she sighed with relief and burst into tears. Numerous emotions warred within her, each striving for supremacy. She was happy, ashamed and guilty.

With deft hands, her father released her from the trap and carried her in his arms all the way back home. While home, he tended to her wounds and bandaged her leg.

“I am sorry” she said after he had finished “I should have listened to you”

He smiled at her “Don’t you worry about it, you are safe now. You will be okay”

A question niggled at the back of her mind and she struggled with it for a while before blurting it out. She asked her father why he didn’t answer her while she was calling out to him in the woods.

“It was the sound of your voice that led me to you” he replied “whenever you screamed, I would pause and listen for the direction it was coming from. There were times the wind distorted the sounds and I couldn’t pinpoint the direction. I had to listen to get to you”

“I thought you were angry at me and decided to leave me” she said soberly, avoiding his eyes, as guilt seized her.

“Look at me Sally” he said and waited for her eyes to hold his “ I will never leave you” he watched as the light returned to her eyes “No matter how cross I am with you for disobeying me, I will not leave you alone, I will always come to your rescue and help you when you ask. I will always keep you from danger”

He leaned forward and embraced her.

He sighed and wiped the tears from his eyes. He didn’t feel alone anymore. Although the sadness was present and he still had the challenges to deal with, the assurance of His presence and His help made it bearable.

It was time to sleep. Tomorrow he would smile at people and it would be heartfelt.

A story in 10 words!

This challenge is from theinkheart. To write a story in 10 words! Such a tall order… so here it is..



She stabbed her husband repeatedly while picturing her father’s face.



so, how was it? Comments please


Don’t you cry (Song in A Minor)

Don’t you cry, it’s gonna be well with you.

I swear by the gods,

Tomorrow will be alright,

It may not look it now,

I swear by the gods that it’s gonna be well.

Don’t you cry, it’s alright,

It won’t be always be this way;

The darkness can only last for so long

Before it gives way to the dawn;

The blanket of night may shroud the light of the moon,

Soon the sun will come blazing forth in its majesty

And nothing will be able to block its shine;

It will strut like the king of the day, resplendent in colours

Of the rainbow, warming the heart frozen by the chilly

Winds of the bitter, wintery night.

Don’t you cry,

It won’t be long now;

Wipe that tear, muster a smile.

Hold on, don’t give in,

Don’t you give up!

Slip of tongue

“Can you come up with another 50 word story?” she said…….”it spell challenge” she added.

Well, this is me, taking up the challenge…

I hope she likes it… (she knows herself, and she had better be the first to comment…)


“Marry me Jennifer” the words rolled off his tongue, as he held her hands across the table and stared into her smiling eyes.

In a flash, the smile vanished and her eyes narrowed into slits.

“I am Sade, you lying and cheating bastard!” she screamed and stormed out the restaurant.


so, what do you think?

Howling Storms

It is past eleven in the night. I stretch and yawn and look away from my computer screen. There is a familiar tug at my heart. A yearning, a hunger, and I know what it means.

I miss Him.

I kneel down and bow my head. It is been three days since I last said a prayer. I wonder why God would even bother with such an unserious fellow like me. I know I wouldn’t take me serious.

I pause. What do I want this time? I want so many things; I want to be famous, I want to be known for something, I want to be somebody in life. My greatest fear is that I would be a nobody and be ordinary. I fear that I would die a nameless person…

….who will be missed by friends and family

‘Yeah right, like that is all that matters.’ I think to myself ‘It is not enough to occupy space and have mass, nor be a good person. What is really important is impact. Value. Influence.’

I want that. Scratch that, I need that.

“Dear God” I say and pause.

‘Relax’ I say to myself, ‘All you ever do is ask and whine about this and that. You always focus on what you want or need, where you want to be and how you aren’t fortunate enough and circumstances don’t favor you. Take a few minutes and do focus on what you have, the people that think you are amazing and the things that make you happy’

“Father, I just want to thank you for all you have done and all that You are. I thank you for the way you created me and all that You have deposited in me. For all the ways it could have turned out wrong and all the ways You have made it right, I thank You”

The words roll of my tongue and I am having a good time praising God.

‘You do know what this means right?’ my mind whispers ‘There is a storm coming’

A storm. I know what it means all too well. A personal failing, a dent on my character, another chunk yanked off the minuscule integrity I have left. Soon, I will be left bereft of any iota of integrity; they will be all gone and I would cease to be. Alive, yes, but a living dead.

“Have mercy on me o God” I cry, all trace of mirth gone. “Hide me under your wings till the evil is gone”

I pray with all the energy I have in me. I have made so many bad choices and still live with the consequences. I do not want to make any more bad choices and it seems that is all I do these days. Ironically, those bad days come when I think I have prayed up and in the right frame of mind and right with God. Those are times when I make the biggest mistakes. It has happened repeatedly that I have refrained from praying. At least not regularly.

‘What makes you think you can just badge into God’s presence and make demands?’ my mind taunts.

Because you know My name

The voice was soft and gentle but it creates a ripple of emotions. It was totally unexpected and it was accompanied by a calmness, a relief of tension and a surge of hope. Then there is disbelief, did I really hear Him? Or was I so desperate for comfort that I assumed I heard something?

I couldn’t be sure. I was Peter, outside the safety of the boat- which though was being tossed by the wind was a sure hold- but far away from Jesus and surrounded by the howling winds and uproarious sea. It was overwhelming, and I could feel myself sinking, just like Peter, even though I had heard His word.

“Yes Lord, I know your name, you are Jehovah. You are my savior, save me” I plead

“Save me” I say in a whisper of desperation “save me, please Lord”. I do not know what more to say, fear has made me weak and in trepidation. I could already see myself in the deep dark dungeon. “Save me, oh God” it was a desperate attempt at clutching to life, holding on to life. The life of God.

Because you know My name, I will help you, I will deliver you

It is settled. The storm is calm and all fear is dissipated.

I can breathe easy, and this I do, taking a deep breath, holding it and exhaling slowly, allowing the tension to ease out with each expired air.

I stand up and go to bed. One thought escorts me on my journey to dreamland

I know His name.



Author’s note: Do you know His name? The storms of life only answers to His word, spoken only in response to those who call on His name.

Running Wild

Running into the light

Away from the dark night

Away from the realm of fright;

A place where shadows are a blight

And where all things are bright;

Where beauty is the heart’s delight

And where ugliness in its slight

Cannot be found; there is no fight

Nor pain, no panic nor the sleight

Of hand that fate tricks the sight

With. Climbing upwards to a height

Far above limitations; taking flight

And soaring, wild and free.



“Gloomie is just the next post away”

“I can bet on it” she says

But no, we aren’t going that way

The sun is out and we are out to play

We are dancing in the hay

To the melodies of our hearts we sway.


“Just watch out for this space”

She says, with a smirk on her face

And when she comes reading at a fast pace

Racing to the end, looking for the coup de grace

And finding none, wonders if she is in the wrong place

Because of gloom, she finds not a trace.


Aha! You can beat your chest you say

Pray tell, what happened to gloom that has come to stay?

I am talking to you, don’t walk away!









Let me sing you a song,

A lullaby;

To aid your travel through

The night, in the realm of


Let me make the nightmares

Melt, like wax before the flame

And build you a castle of

Sweet dreams, full of love,

Light, peace and hearty laughter.

Let me sing you a song,

A love song;

Full of promises and sweet

Nothings to send you to a place

Of meadows and gurgling streams

And lilies and orchids;

And a gentle breeze to soothe your

Nerves and calm your fears.

Come, lie down and close your eyes

Follow the sound of my voice

As my hands run through your hair;

Relax and let go

Sweet dreams await.



Author’s comment: Yemie, see? Happy Dappy! no gloomie…

Museum of failed love

You walked away, rushing off

Skipping happily, not looking back

To see how distraught you have left me.

You loved me once, gushing on

How you can never forget

How you will always cherish

The bond that bound us

How fickle the human mind!

Friendship so callously thrown out

Trampled upon and spited!

Alas! I am the fool,

Holding on to words that

Died before it was birthed

Empty shells, hollow promises!

Whatever have I done?

Loved unconditionally, freely

And holding nothing back?

Or is my sap sour now,

No longer sweetness to your tongue?

And like the flirty butterfly

You have moved on to another flower

To suck of its nectar.

Your scent lingers, nostalgic whiff

Relics of a golden era

Collections of enviable friendship

Stored in the museum of

Failed love.


poetry, fiction, life issues, inspirational stories and lots more

straight from the heart

welcome to my little corner of the web.


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