african woman

African Woman

African woman

Paint a picture of the African woman,
Preserve her beauty for ages to come,
Show forth the elegance of her features;
Her full mouth, luscious and inviting
The lines of her jaw depicting
A quiet, understated strength;
The hint of a smile around the corners of her mouth
The light in her eyes, giving a peek into
Her spirit, strong and resilient, not bowing under pressure.

Paint the lines of her neck delicately,
Capture the swirl of her hair
The curls dancing softly to
The cadence of the wind;
Her ample bosom, from which
Her young find nourishment.

Paint the tapering waist,
And her well rounded hips
And delicate curves that
Tingle the loins as she
Sashays down the street, fully aware
Of her feminine allure;
Don’t forget to show the poise and
Grace of her carriage.

african woman2

Paint the sheen of her ebony skin,
Like burnished oak, delicate and majestic;
Capture the frown on her face
As she frets over her young,
The soft lines that grace them
As thought of her loved ones serenade her;
Her smile like the early morning sun
That warms the heart as she watches
Like a mother hen, her family gathered around her.

Paint a picture of the African woman,
A still form, frame it, hang it
Tell on a canvass with your
Brushstrokes of her beauty
That transcends her physique;
Rather, a reflection of her spirit
Such beauty that takes the breath away.

blame the gods

Blame the gods

blame the gods2

The gods are on a rampage;

Segede has struck our children

And they now wear swollen

Necks like a bull frog;

Igbona has left them delirious

And with a spotted skin;

Atosi has rendered our young men

Infertile and makes our old men

Groan when they pee;

Ete, the flesh eater

Has afflicted the village beau;

Sopana, is killing hordes by

The day and we watch, helpless;

Our yams are exhausted

And the bleating in

The barns ceased;

The priests are dumbfounded

And stare helplessly,

Their tongues have cleaved

To the roof of their mouth;

The crown royal is perplexed,

History is been written

But not in the books of greatness;

The village is dying

The gods are mad.



 images: Flickr

to have and to hold

To have and to hold

To have and to hold

Together forever

Take my hands

Can I have this dance?

Let us sway to the rhythm

Of two hearts beating

In unison

A symphony of a thousand songs

Melodies as old as man

Yet ever new

Can I have this dance?

Each and every day to

Savour the delight

That is us

Together forever

To have and to hold.


For Her….


image: Flickr

just this once

Just this Once

Just this once,

She pleads with her eyes;

One moment to lose

Herself in the bliss

That will never be.


Just this once,

To quench the thirst

Making him delirious with desire;

One moment of calm

From the tumultuous emotions raging.


Just this once,

Before they lose sanity

From the longing that wouldn’t go

Despite the voice of reason

Just once.


Just this once,

Will never be enough,

No, each encounter creates

A deeper craving that

Will take forever to satiate.


images: Flickr

a kind of morning

I cannot love you

I cannot love you

I want to

I swear, I do


What’s not to love about you?

Your dimples as you smile

The way your eyes light up


Oh, those brown almond eyes

That diffracts in the light

Blue and indigo


I cannot love you

Despite the appeal of your

Gorgeous heart


Your petulant pout

And the sexiness of your

Angry rants


I cannot love you

Even though your body molds to mine

So perfectly like we are two halves


The warmth you exude

Sending my heart into a frenzy

And how your passion ignite mine


A roaring inferno

Of insatiable need

Sweet and glorious torture


I cannot love you

Even as my heart protests

And leave me of its own accord


Leaving a gaping wound

Bleeding and sore

An ache only you can cure


I cannot love you

Even if I want to

For love is waiting at home.


love nightmare


image courtesy: google/flickr



You found me

In a dark alley

Drenched and shivering

Fast losing grip on life


You were a beacon of hope

Your words were water

To my parched soul

An oasis in a desert


I was a dying vine

Wilted and withered

Now luscious and luxuriant

From your careful tendering


You found me when

I needed to be found

You saved me

Just in the nick of time.



image: flickr

Random gists

Okay, this is not a story.

I was chatting with a friend and I found the chat funny and thought to myself, ‘hey, I could make a blog post out of this’


I have no idea.

Okay, I do. I hate fiction because I lack the imagination to paint a setting or describe a scene vivid enough to make the reader see the sights and sound in his/her mind’s eye. Chatting with this lady (they always have to be a lady!) I found myself doing so effortlessly. It made me smile…and I want to share it.

I hope you like it.


Her: I’m looking for money o

Me: I saw it last in Iberekodo, under one tree like that

Me: You can check it there

Her: *wide grin smiley* you are not serious

Me: I am dead serious

Me: As serious as a heart attack

Her: *Rolling on the floor smiley*

Her: And mehn…heart attack is serious!

Me: So, check under the tree in Iberekodo for money that you are looking for

Her: But I need money true true

Her: Which tree exactly?

Her: *wide grin smiley*

Me: Igi Odan ( Odan tree)

Me: As you enter Iberekodo

Me: On the right

Me: In front of a story building

Her: *rolling on the floor*

Me: Painted blue

Me: But fading

Her: Tope, you are crazy *rolling on the floor smiley*

Me: An old woman was sitting at the verandah

Her: Lwkmd!

Me: She has one eye

Me: The other is bad….cataract I think

Her: *rolling on the floor* *rolling on the floor*

Her: *rolling on the floor*

Me: And it looks like she is staring at you however way you turn

Me: Scary, I must say

Her: How did you know all these details?

Me: She has a chewing stick too…hanging from the right hand corner of her mouth

Me: Shebi I said that’s where I saw money last na

Me: I am just describing the place to you, so that you can know where to find it when you go

Her: *laughing out loud smiley*

Her: in fact ehn! Your description is explicit!

Her: *rolling on the floor*

Me: You know my power of observation is great

Her: It’s astounding *rolling on the floor smiley*

Her: Old woman, with chewing stick!

Her: It’s flagabasting even!!!!

Me: Is it? *straight face smiley*

Her: I should ask you *wide grin*

Me: No be you talk am? Flabber-wetin sef?

Her: Flabber-whelming

Me: Oh! See biiiig grammar! Wetin e mean?

Her: Means your power of observation is one in town noni

Me: Oooooooo, thanks you *wide grin*

Her: *rolling on the floor*

Her: You are really getting me cracked up here

Me: That’s good

Her: Even my eyes are tearing

Her: When did you become Teju baby face?

Me: *wide smile* Na God

Her: *Music smiley* No be me, na God

Her: You know that song?

Me: Which of the song? The senior brother or junior brother?

Me: John or Paul?

Her: *rolling on the floor smiley*

Her: Na woman sing am o

Me: Ehen?

Her: Get serious jor….*wide grin*


So many other interesting chats that are for private consumption only…. *wink*



Thanks to my special friend for making my evening fun. Life is so much fun with great friends.

Buzz a friend before going to bed today and just check up on them. It is the people around us that make life happy and not our possessions.

fake smile


The smile is skin deep

Its warmth fizzles

Before it reaches the

Heart which is crying

And straining against the chains

Its echoes hoarse

In the hollow of the dungeon

Dug in the belly of the earth

Hewn from rocks buried deep

In a place where two waters meet


The laughter is not what it is

It is the gurgling sound of a man

Drowning- bubbles of air rushing out

Of an empty heart; a vacuum

The eyes do not lie

And they are dark at noon

The light snuffed out

It belies the flowery speech

It screams of a crack in the foundation

An impending landslide.


The boom in the voice is the echo

Of desperation and despair

The spring in the steps

Mere limping of a weary soul

Fatigued and about to fall face first

The next minute;

Take another look and see

The subtle signs, listen closely

You will hear the screaming of a soul

Crying for help.


images courtesy Flickr


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