Heart and head in an age long duel

Duty and love are locked in a death match;

Duty to perceived right, the dictates of

An unsparing society, judgmental and hypocritical,

Love for the man of my dreams,

Forbidden desires and dangerous passions,

A blazing inferno of need;

One must prevail, it is the hour of decision:

The throne of Addindryl awaits, honor and prestige

With days spent pining

Longing and in pain over love lost,

Or the seeker of my heart, of truth

Whose looks strip me bare, and with a glance

Knows the deepest crevice, but with it

Condemnation and a generation at risk of extinction;

What shall it be?

Each choice unbearable

Each thought an agony unendurable;

I choose duty,

But my heart wouldn’t let go

It is bound to him, to truth, my truth;

When I open my eyes,

I am no longer one

But two incomplete halves

Never to be whole, for the head cannot live

Without the heart,

And the heart is lost without the head;

So, with one half I serve the law of right

And with the other, the order of truth;

I am dead and lost,

Oh, I long for the magic of Orolon

To bring me back together!

I have decided, I know where I want to be

I will follow my heart,

It is okay to be lost,

I will be safe

The seeker will find me

Only he knows the path to rescue me.


Liver failure

She struts,

I swallow;

The wind blows,

Her hair dances wildly;

My heart joins in the dance

Waltzing and gliding along;

Her backside beckons,

I stand transfixed

Content to watch her grace and poise;

She moves out of sight,

I sigh,

Released from her spell;

I turn and see several pair of eyes,

There is pity, disgust and contempt

And even lust.

I shrug,

Close my eyes and relive the moment

It would do till tomorrow

When she walks past again

And maybe then, I will

Walk up to her and say “Hi”


Heart Failure

I feel empty,

There is an unease within,

Roiling emotions, an ache

An area of tenderness, vague

Undefined, a dark cloud hovering;

Tears gather beneath red rimmed eyes

Struggling against the last vestige of restraint;

I miss you,

Honey tastes like sand, nothing is sweet;

It is lonely in the midst of lively conversation,

My laughter is halfhearted,

The other half pines for you, wants to share

A laugh with only you, and is sad;

Every moment of every day, I think of you,

In the dreams of the night,

You visit me, lingering till my eyes open,

Trying desperately to hold on to bittersweet memories,

Illusions and fantasies possible only in my head;

Time stopped

When you walked away

You turned and my heart gave in

I am stuck in yesterday,

Life has moved on, and I am here





Moment of truth

Happy Sunday folks.

Today “Jules writes” returns with another interesting tale.

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She heard him knock and stood up from the sofa where she was reclining and had been anxiously waiting. She walked briskly to the door and opened it for him to come in. Seeing him stand before her, his face creased in a smile, her resolve failed, but just for a minute. The way her body reacted to him was too much to ignore.
“Hey Mira!” He greeted and gave her a hug, then his brow creased in a frown as he took in her outfit. She was wearing a black lace nightgown which did little to hide her full bosom and the dark pointy peaks peeking through the holes in the dress.
“Hi” she replied, holding on to the embrace longer than was necessary. ‘Oh My God’ she thought, her insides turning to mush at the feeling of his body against her.  ‘I just must have him, why must Miracle have it all while I have nothing, nothing!’ Her inside raged.

“You said there’s an emergency, what’s wrong?” His voice brought her back from her reverie. Concern was etched on his fine face, and her heart did a number in her chest.

Divine was not the typical tall, dark and handsome male prototype of every woman’s dream, with well sculpted body and rippling muscles. What he lacked in physical appearance, he compensated for with a large heart. He had what it took to capture a lady’s heart.

He was a little above 5ft8, with black skin, like burnished wood and bushy brows that tend to shoot upward, fighting against his hairline whenever his curiosity was aroused, or when something surprised him.  Unfortunately for Mirabel, he was out only to capture one woman’s heart, Miracle, her twin sister.

Miracle and Mirabel are un-identical twins and very different in their physical appearance. Miracle is on the plus side, about 5ft2 with the kind of tommy that makes you think she’s pregnant. But she has a very beautiful face, her tommy tend to put a dent in her beauty, unless of course, you look beyond that. Mirabel on the other hand has a body to make a man renounce his marital vows, and make a priest reconsider his vow of celibacy. Not too tall herself, she’s got the shape of that perfect hour glass. With slightly bowed legs that makes her sways whenever she walks, and give her bosom jingles.

Mirabel has always been the one that has men flocking after her and it had come as a shock to her when her twin sister had introduced Divine to her as her fiancé. A wave of jealousy had washed over her even as she had plastered a smile on her face.

Mirabel had sworn to have her twin’s man at all cost. Divine on the other hand, had eyes only for Miracle. After thinking of every trick in the book to get Divine which didn’t work, she decided to use his weak spot for her twin to get him to come over. She had placed a call to him, saying that Miracle was ill and needed him immediately. It had done the trick. Here he was, standing in front of her, all hers.

“Where is Mi?” he asked, moving past her towards the bedroom.

“Oh, Mi” she mimicked. “Must be in her bedroom, go check on her”.

Divine went straight to go look for his love calling out as he went. “Mi, Mine, where are you? Hope this isn’t seri–” his voice caught when he felt a soft bosom pressing to his back. He swung around, thinking it was Miracle, with a ready glowing smile.

He was shocked to find it was Mirabel, dressed in her birthday suit. “Mira, what’s going on?” He asked with an incredulous look on his face.

“I’ve wanted you baby, from the very first time I set my eyes on you. You don’t know what you do to my insides whenever I set my eyes on you. And I know you want me too. You can’t probably settle for ‘Mi’ like you call her. What with all that pot belly that makes one think of a pregnant woman every time you see her”. She rambled on.

Divine stood rooted to a spot, his face devoid of expression. Mirabel snaked up to him and started pulling at his clothes, all the while trying to kiss him. With the suddenness that knocked the breath out of her, Divine swung her around and kissed her. At first she was shocked, then she moaned and grabbed his neck. And then he pushed her off with the same suddenness and swiftness that made her stagger backward.

For several seconds, she was stunned. Then her hand struck out to deliver a slap but Divine caught her wrist in mid-air. Divine’s eyes were narrowed to slits and seemed to be drilling a hole in her head. She was scared and braced herself for a blow.

“Don’t you ever, I repeat ever, talk about my Miracle like that, ever again!” His voice was low and every word was like ice, making her skin crawl “She may not have the kind of body that draws men like flies to a dung hill, but she’s more than a million women put together!” His face softened, “In fact, she’s my one and only, one in a million and one of a kind type of woman”. He released her then but Mirabel was too dumbfounded to notice.

“Let me tell you what you don’t know Mirabel, Love isn’t about the physical appearance alone. Love is about every core of your being- body, soul and spirit.

“Love isn’t about attraction to a pretty face or to a ‘to die for’ body. Love have many faces and many reasons that make that one person special” His face was a kaleidoscope of emotions as he spoke.

“Stop seeing things the way you see them. And you will get to see a whole new lot.” He was shaking his head from side to side. “You are very beautiful, yes, no denying that. But there’s more to life than being beautiful. You think beauty alone can earn you things you don’t deserve? No dear, it doesn’t work that way. At least not for all of us”.   Divine’s words touched her and she started to sob, hiding her face behind the cream coloured window blinds. She had always thought she could have everything she wanted until now. Divine’s words had cut her like shards of jagged edged broken glasses.

She had always thought she was the better of the twins, with all the attention and doting on by the males while they had been on campus. She was always the centre of attraction and had men from all walks desiring her and wooing her with money and gifts. She had thought she had it all. But now, it was clearly that she had nothing. She had no one to call hers. ‘Where are all those men now?’ she thought bitterly ‘Nowhere to be found’.

She remembered a conversation she had witnessed in one of her visits to her last boyfriend, Jake’s house.  Jake had asked Femi, his best friend, about his girlfriend and when he will be ready to take her home to meet his parents.
Femi had laughed hard and said “Jake, the likes of Bella isn’t the kind you take home. They are only good for ‘take-aways’, not ‘Take–Homes’, if you get my meaning”. They had both shared a look while she looked on not understanding what Femi meant. And they had burst out laughing again, shaking their heads.

Now, she understood. And with the realization came pain and shame. “I’m sorry Div. To say it’s the devil now means I’m also lying against the father of lies. I’m so sorry please forgive me”, she smiled a self-deprecating smile “Thanks Divine, you are a real man. You just gave me the worst but truest of discipline without raising a hands”

Divine moved close and embraced her. “I love you too Mira, but as my Sister-in law and a friend. And as family too, but not in the way you think.”   She nodded.

“Hello! Anyone here?” Miracle’s voice floated in as she opened the door “what’s happening here?” her voice had lost the playful note in it as she took in the scene before her.

Mirabel ran to her sister and hugged her, crying and asking her forgiveness. “I’m so sorry sis, so sorry. Please forgive all I ever did to you”.

Miracle was confused and she stared at her fiancé, a questioning look in her eyes. Divine motioned to her to shush and promised to explain to her later. She hugged her sister back and rocked her like a baby while she cried and wet her clothes on the shoulder.



Oliver Twist

I am Oliver,

The scrawny little kid

Dressed in baggy clothes

Oversized because I am but skin and bones;

Looking eagerly at the master

For a second helping

I can’t help it, my hunger is insatiable;

Hoping for a twist in the story

To give me my happy ending;

I am a worm,

Minute but with a giant ambition,

Latching on to life with all I have,

Demanding the best it has to offer,

Sucking from it all the greatness

Lodged within its bowels;

I am a chasm,

Wide and bottomless,

Receiving but never full;

I am the parched sand of the Sahara,

Soaking up the torrential rainfall, yet

Showing no sign of a single drop of rain

And desiring more;

I am a man on an expedition,

I won’t stop until I lay hold

On the prize- Excellence.




It is seven years of drought,

The land is barren,

The sun is a fierce task master,

Lashing out without mercy;

The air is bone dry,

There is not a drop of water for

Parched throats;

The grasses are withered

And the flowers are dead,

Wasteland stretches for miles on end

The harvest is swallowed in nothingness;

The skies are bleached, they are not spared

And they look down solemnly,

Mourning with the rest of the oppressed;

Hearts faint,

Weariness invades bodies;

Hope flees, leaving people

On their knees,

One step from despair.


Herald of hope

The herald came from the east

A Messiah was born

With the blast of the horn

Angels announced His birth

He lived amongst His creation

Lowly and shunning distractions

Till the work was done

And his time had come

He celebrated the feast without yeast

In remembrance of deliverance from death

His last act was to duel with death

That He may bring life to all

A price no one else could pay

He took it up on Himself in one day

And on that day long ago, a Friday

He bore the sins of the whole world

A lamb led to the slaughter, he uttered not a word

Through his death, he brought redemption

Buried in the belly of the earth, he preached salvation

And while the believers mourned

He rejoiced

The sun arose, on the third day, from the east

And heralded hope for all mankind; it is Easter!



I. Twenty one

A line
Delineates Teenage
From Adult

II. Metamorphosis

  The caterpillar
A wonder of nature
A butterfly, gay and breathtaking
Flitting just out of reach of many
A longing heart.

III. Kiddo

Young puppy
Doe eyed
Wagging tails
Tugs at the heart
Lodges in a special place

IV. The Journey

Adulthood appeals to the child
Childhood is the destination of the adult’s.    fantasy
The secret to staying young
On the journey of life
Is to pack the gear full
Of childhood memories
And to travel in the body of a child’s heart.

Written for ‘Kiddo’ Oluwabori, my special somebody…i am always proud of you..
Happy Birthday! Many Happy Returns!

The Embrace

He held her close to his chest and stroked her hair gently, running his hands down the length of her braids and back, in slow regular rhythm. He heard her sigh contentedly as she burrowed further into him. It was the picture of intimacy.

He closed his eyes against the sting of tears. A wave of sadness washed over him, starting from deep within him and threatening to drown him.

He wanted to love the woman in his arms but he found himself longing to hold another this way. No matter how intimate the gesture was, it was the picture of the other woman that filled his mind’s eye.

He was sad, because he missed her, his one and only heart throb. Ever since the first time he held her in his arms, he had known he wanted only her. It was sad, he didn’t end up with her.

He was sad because he was not being fair to the woman purring softly in his arms as he stroked her gently. His strokes communicated affection but his heart was far away. He felt horrible, she deserved better. She was a good woman and deserved a man who would give her his all.

It was too late now. The reflection of light from the gold band on the fourth finger of his left hand told him so. His forever was with her, and forever had never looked so bleak.

He sighed.

The woman looked up at him, her honey colored eyes bore into his. Her oval face radiated innocence and pure adoration and his heart shattered into a million pieces. She was beautiful, with soft features and a well sculpted body.

The heart was a world of mystery, he mused. He couldn’t understand why he couldn’t love her. The matters of the heart cannot be judged by reason. The heart wants what it wants. Love is a hot pot of mess.

He realized that she was gazing at him still and he smiled at her, more like a grimace, or was it a wince. Anything is possible, his heart felt like it was being lanced by a sharp knife and his face may have betrayed his calm exterior and show of affection. She looked at him for the longest of time and smiled back. Her eyes lit up and her skin glowed. Then she placed her head on his chest again.

Love really does suck.



Love is painful to hold on to,

When love is out of your reach;


Love leaves a void, when your heart

Is filled with love, with no means to express it;


Love is bittersweet,

When love is given but not received in return;


Love is the hardest thing,

When with ease, one falls in love;


Love burns hot and leaves you cold,

When your love is unrequited;


Love lost is always found in the wisp of a memory,

Where all unborn feelings of love are shored;


Love proclaimed is bliss,

Only if the love is felt by the other;


Love hurts, a lot;

Yet, love is the most pleasurable feeling.


Thanks to Amity for the challenge.